Five Year Plan

Beginning in January, new chapbook/tract and TLP titles ought to appear fairly consistently; the publications listed below, especially those for A.Da. 95 and later, are examples and primarily larger projects which will require extensive preparation and editing.


  • Anthology of Post-Neo Prophesy Poems
  • Exquisite Crypt 2 (PNA Exquisite Corpse Anthology)
  • Anthology of Post-Neo Manifestos
  • Anthology of interviews & essays regarding DIY organizing and the formation/nurture/maintenance of marginal communities
  • Founding Document, Institute of Anti-Rational Affairs.
  • Amy Oliver’s translation of Jarry’s Ubu Enchained
  • Lindsann, On Anachronism as Dissent and Toward a Radical Historiography (polemic tracts)
  • Polemic tract of texts by 19th Century Decadent Anarchist, Laurent Tailhade.
  • Volumes 2 & 3 of Fast Sedan Nellson’s translation of Wordsworth’s Prelude into Even-More-Boring-and-Trite
  • Books of translations of at least two members of the Bouzingo group, Philothée O’Neddy and Petrus Borel.
  • In other publications, increased focus on polemics, theoretical and strategic writing; on zaoum, transrational, and visual writing; several new journals; and development of tlp line.
  • Increased participation in small press and zine fairs, conventions, and distros.
  • The purchase of isbn packages to allow increased circulation of perfect-bound publications.


  • David Beris Edwards, ed., Itinerant Mirror monograph/anthology
  • Warren Fry, Zeitgeist role-playing game
  • Olchar Lindsann, Collected Polemics, heavily annotated
  • Emilie Lennard, Olchar Lindsann, et. al., Mr. Squibbles short film anthology.
  • Fast Sedan Nellson, Vols. 4-5 of the Prelude translation
  • Books of translations of at least two members of the Bouzingo group, probably Aloysius Bertrand and Xavier Fourneroy.
  • 90% of catalogue available in both print and free pdf/podcast form
  • institution of Role-Playing/Games Imprint
  • institution of annotated & re-contextualized m-Lash editions of public domain texts

SELECTED GOALS FOR A.DA. 96-98 (2012-14)

  • Bouzingo Anthology-w/annotated translations, critical and historical introduction, illustrations, and other essays and contextualizing material.
  • Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven: book of correspondence, mail art, and visual poetry by inexplicably unpublished Austrian-New York dada.
  • Deluxe Edition of Fast-Sedan Nellson’s complete Prelude translation, with translator’s preface, appreciations by Percy Shelley, Leigh Hunt, Thomas DeQuincey, Lord Byron and other contextual material.
  • Warren Fry, Beowulf role-playing game
  • Olchar Lindsann, initial volumes of long-term projects The Children’s Crusade and The Yellow Sign
  • Interaction with small press distros & reviews in relation to chapbook publications
  • Increased fluidity between mOnocle-Lash and PNA archive, with publication of monographs and documentary material from the archive.
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