What’s Next at mOnocle-Lash

We launch our long-awaited publishing campaign in January, which means that in addition to packets of Synapse 4 and the other new books that will begin filtering out, December is a maelstrom of logistical operations carried out amidst a good deal of travel.

On the one hand, I will be setting up all of the infrastructure necessary to carry out the shift in organisation treated under the ‘About m-Lash’ page: uploading and learning half-a dozen computer programmes, inventory, assembling a working schedule, finding supply sources, and refining my archiving system. On the other we’ll be pushing ahead a few smaller projects and launching the process for a couple major ones.

One of the latter is a book of interviews and essays of people involved with organising, coordinating, or supporting various diy creative communities (on both local and international levels), with an emphasis on how to achieve practical efficacy and to navigate the places in which efficacy and the ethical impulse behind it grate against each other; as well as how to navigate the more distracting aspects of activity which overlaps with the normative modalities of ‘Art’. More on this project in a few weeks…

The other major project–which will not come to full fruition for several years–is a series of chapbook translations of poets (and hopefully portfolios or books of the artists involved–mostly erotica!) involved with the early 19th Century Parisian Bouzingo group: a group driven by radical left politics, operating in light of the Romantic anarchist tradition by way of Hunt, Shelley, Byron, et al (as well as French analogs to that community who it shall be my duty to become familiar with), employing a socialized version of French Dandyism, all with the aesthetic of the late 18th Century Gothic Novel. Fucking fascinating, and for better or for worse probably the key initiator of the Bohemian movement insofar as it ever existed as a genuinely political project (comparisons to the Lettrists and Paris Situationists are apropos), and yet there has to date been no book-length study or anthology in English. This despite the fact that Nerval and Gautier were both key members! The suppression of the group AS group from literary memory has served to present these two canonized poets as ‘unique’ phallic geniuses, and has depoliticized (and oversimplified) their work by removing it from its sociopolitical context, whilst utterly burying the work of their comrades.

A number of people in the mOnocle-Lash community have the various requisite skills to pull off translations that will do the originals justice; no one person has all of these skills. So the designing of collaborative translation processes will be an intersting part of this project. By the end of December or early January, we should have a process down and people will get to work. The chapbooks will be issued one at a time as they are completed, each containing a monograph and written or graphic responses by people from the mOnocle-Lash community, as well as translators’ notes; when they have all been done, they will be collected in a single volume, voluminously annotated, and presented with all kinds of contextualizing material by myself and others involved with the project. The first chapbook shall be poems by Philothée O’Neddy (Yes, he was French. He puts my own pseudonym to shame.), the second will provisionally be the nominal organizer of the group, Petrus Borel.

In the meantime, a few chapbooks will be going forward, hopefully to be ready for publication in January. These include the 2nd volume of the Exquisite Crypt series; this one will include the relics of exquisite corpse games played by the Columbus, New Jersey, and UK Post-Neo communities. We’ll also be releasing in pamphlet form the polemic Anachronism as Dissent by Olchar Lindsann, first published with some differences (and a slightly different title) in Synapse 2. There will hopefully be a few TLPs coming in too (anyone want to do one/some? let me know and you’ll get a template by email). And there’s a good chance that there will be a book of collage by bela b Grimm, Lindsann, and perhaps some others, the result of a visit from Ohio to Jersey or vice-versa.

In January, we’ll undertake a couple other chapbooks (Any suggestions? You got something?) and hopefully begin work on Amy Oliver’s translation of Jarry’s Ubu Enchained, as performed by the combined New Jersey and Washington Post-Neo groups at the Marginal Arts Festival in Roanoke, VA last year. Meanwhile translations will be transpiring, and interviews as well…

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