The Winter Spring Campaigning Season

We have been silent but not idle over the past six months.

Military campaigns traditionally begin with the Spring season, after months huddled down in the cold, the combatants keeping their cards close, distributing their resources and warily planning for the operations to be unveiled with the thaw. In the spirit of traditional perverseness, mOnocle-Lash is unleashing itself early, and here are the opening maneuvres:

Anchoring the left flank:

This new website. Much better than nothing. My hope is that the website (and the blog linked to from it) will grow into a platform of reciprocity with the community. Under this tab I will post frequently concerning what is and could become underway, while under the “about m-Lash” tab I will post periodic essays concerning both the practical and ideological aspects of our operation. Comments are enabled for both of these and I will answer direct questions in both formats.

My eventual goal is to make 90% of our material available in both free pdf and material formats. At present only a few are available as pdfs, but this will gradually change as we find a better way to host them and progress in the arduous project of digitizing the entire catalogue.

Throwing sorties out on the Right Flank:

Six new mOnocle-Lash publications, available now and beginning distribution to contributors in December:

  • Synapse 4: The long, long. long awaited next issue of the Post-Neo/Eternal Network/Fluxus/Zaoum journal, featuring gobs of work by 55 contributors. The last issue of Synapse to be produced on the old physical collage method; with great affection we must turn away and adopt a less time-consuming and expensive process.
  • DaDaMaMa: Baroness Elsa Paper Dolls, by Megan Blafas. Raise your kids right. The legendary New York dada, the Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven in paper doll form! Just cut her out, color her, add whatever decorations seem fit for a Baroness doll, and enjoy her arrangable wardrobe. On heavy stock card paper, in a folder with full cover. Look for possible expansion packs in the future!
  • Compulsory Bingo, by Chris Lennard & Olchar Lindsann. My brother and I recorded this album nearly three years ago(!), and here it finally is. Sound poetry meets music(ish), with my voice and text, and about ten instruments that he can actually play and I cannot. With a cover by Chi-Kit Kwong.
  • Hotspur’s Talent, by Thomas l. Taylor & bela b. Grimm. Beautiful collage and phonetic text using both physical and digital processes, this work was made two years ago and only now am I materially able to get it out. Published in tandem with Luna Bisonte, who put their edition out a while ago, but there is now a free full-colour pdf version available under its entry in the “books” tab.
  • Vegetalia, by David Beris Edwards. The first in our series of little eight-page, 5.5″x4.25″ TLPs (this one published in partnership with England’s Mouse Milk Books) is a typically rollicking teleplay by the perennially comedic DBE. Available free with outgoing packets and, once the series expands, for sets of 4 for a dollar.
  • Carmen Pro Pleroma: A Brief Treatise Concerning the Invocation of Yog-Sothoth, by Olchar E. Lindsann. The textual relic of a invocation of the eldritch Lovecraftian god (yep), elucidated by a 14-page text exploring this apparition’s various aspects and relationships with Gnostic, Sophistic, and occult doctrines, along with a treatment of the conception and composition of the spell itself. Read alongside SPART Action’s Sorcery Manifesto, to be distributed in broadside form as part of the Synapse packets.

Contributors will be receiving packets with free copies, but there will be a lag–I’ll be publishing ten contributors’ copies or so from every paycheck and sending them out. If we wait ’til I have the $500 that they will cost me all at once it’ll never happen.

Further descriptions and information are under the “News” tab and in the appropriate catalog pages.

And heavily invested, holding the the Centre:

A new infrastructure and anti-bureaucracy designed to exponentially improve our efficiency in every department, ultimately meaning increased efficiency in our affecting social praxis in the networks we touch upon and draw from. More on this under the “About m-Lash page”  and here in the “Home” page. I welcome discourse in this and all areas.

Look for more publications and updates soon!

Vim Vom Vim!

Bar Barr Barrr!

and all that shitr,


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