March A.Da. 94 Update

An Update on what has been transpiring here at mOnocle-Lash over the past couple months:


Yes, it is now finally possible to purchase nearly anything from our catalogue online. It required a certain amount pf electronic jury-rigging to get it working with wordpress, but it’s been posted and tested. Most everything’s available for trade as well, to arrange this email me at Fun fact: to buy and ship the entire catalogue (including distro) would come to a bit under $170.


A couple of new publications. Look for these under the New Publications tab.

  • Anachronism as Dissent, by Olchar E. Lindsann. This is a heavily reworked version of the essay first published in Synapse 2, presented in pamphlet form.
  • KUH[n] 2, ed. by Tomislav V. Butkovic. A massive, three hour compilation of Post-Neo and related video work and documentation, presented on dual layer DVD with customized packaging; we are distributing this for [PRO]-[ANTI] Press.

Additionally, within the next month or two, we will begin distro for the Plymouth, England-based punk/noise/experimental record label/organisers one.c Records and distro at conventions etc. for the FLUXPRESS, the warehouse-press of the St. Louis Fluxus group. Also in the process of preparing Mouse-Milk’s 17 Pieces of Paper, by D.B. Edwards, for distro.


I shall be relocating to the vicinity of Roanoke, VA this summer, which will slow forthcoming releases a bit, but preparations are continuing steadily. Things to look for (among others) by the end of the fall include:

  • Exquisite Crypt 3, by O. Lindsann, W. Fry, D.B. Edwards, E.F. Waterfowl, A. Oliver, R. Chaloner, M. Blafas, B. Chriss, & T. Butkovic. A 20-page exquisite corpse poem whose writing spans the PNA reunion of A.Da. 91 in the United Kingdom when Lindsann & Fry visited the British group to the visit of the Washington group to New Jersey, just at the beginning of Lindsann’s and Butkovic’s involvement with the NJ cell.
  • Adventures of Mr. Squibbles, by Emilie Lennard, O. Lindsann, A. Lennard, C. Lennard, B. Chriss, A. Andrews, W. Fry,, D. Hartke, & N. Lennard. Video anthology of early Post-Neo and Pre-PNA low-fi comedy films starring the perennially suicidal monkey Mr. Squibbles and his best friend Mr. Livingston. Hopefully to include Audio Commentary. Also look for a deluxe reissue of the Lennard family’s related A.Da. 89 adaptation of Jarry’s Ubu Roi; one commentary track has already been recorded for this.
  • Ubu Enchained, by Alfred Jarry, trans. by Amy Oliver. The long-awaited publication of Amy Oliver’s translation of Jarry’s play that was used in the production mounted by the New Jersey and Washington PNA groups in Roanoke, VA last year.


I’ve been engaged in research for the Bouzingo project for months, but this weekend translation itself begins; hopefully an introductory chapbook will appear before the end of the year, with representative work by everyone directly involved with the group (though there are a few people I”ve still not managed to find anything from, and others with very scant remains). For a comprehensive introduction and plan concerning the group itself, check the mOnocle-Lash blog here.

Meanwhile, the book of interviews slowly continues, and coming months should see an increasing number of publications made available for free pdf download as well.

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