June A.Da. 96 (2012 A.D.) Update / Preview

After some serious lagging, the website is now nearly caught-up with our actual full catalogue. This February, mOnocle-Lash served as publisher for the DIY / underground elements of the Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival, with the result that the latest batch of publications all treat of Roanoke, VA in some way, and explore how micropress publishing can serve a local community and facilitate the merging of local and international communities. On June  14 mOnocle-Lash will have a table at the Localphelia event at [Exclamations] in Roanoke. (See NEW RELEASES)

I’m still working on getting free PDFs uploaded and Paypal hooked up for ordering physical copies, but this should be in place before the end of June.

If all goes well, there will be a new batch of releases in late August, including British Post-Neo T.P. Slinty‘s absurdist er, biographical novel, Babbage’s Disease, Russian poet Denis Beznosov‘s chapbook Glasseyed Pipe, a portfolio of images by the French avant-garde Bouzingo collective, the first installment of Olchar Lindsann‘s serial novel The Horse-Killer and his tract Toward A Radical Historiography (first published in Russian in the journal Slova), and more–plus an array of new TLPs by new and familiar people, and possibly some stickers!

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