Upcoming Releases!

The long-long-long-long-long-long-delayed but inevitable bundle of new mOnocle-Lash publications is tentatively scheduled for a late June release. This release inaugurates some new areas of expanded focus for mOnocle-Lash, and introduces a new sub-imprint, the Revenants Series, which will focus on re-publishing and translating  19th Century avant-garde texts. The June release will include:

  • Babbage’s Disease, by Edwin Birch: Minutes in the research and years in the writing, this historically-questionable anti-biographical novel about the demise of the inventor of the first mechanical computer (and his imaginary friend Jiffy) is destined for immortal micro-glory in the annals of Post-Neo nonsense.

  • Exquisite Crypt #3, by Aaron Andrews, Olchar Lindsann, Jack Gregory, Dadadavid Hartke, Imogene Engine, Bradley Chriss, Megan Blafas, Warren Fry, & Others. For about a year in 2003-04, a typewriter was permanantly set up at the home of Post-Neo co-founders Olchar Lindsann and Aaron Andrews, and Jack Gregory. A whimsical, extended visual poem and an irreverent social document of the Ohio Post-NeoAbsurdist community.

  • New Hamlet, by Gleb Kolomiets and Inna Kirillova.  Trans. Gleb Kolomiets & Olchar Lindsann. In this bleak, drily comic play, in print for the first time in any language, Kirillova and Kolomiets explore family life and inter-generational dysfunction in contemporary Russia.

  • Glasseyed Pipe, by Denis Beznosov. A clever, playful and truly experimental collection of verse by the Russian poet and translator, writing in his second language. Running the gamut from phonetic howls across the page, to fields of lettristic tension, to lyrical effusions from which the speaking subject slips away.

  • Lycanthropy: Some Shreds Torn from “Rapsodies”, by Petrus Borel.  Trans. Joseph Carter, Olchar E. Lindsann, Raymond E. Andre III, & W.J. Robertson. The first in a series of chapbooks and portfolios collecting the work of the avant-garde Jeunes-France or Bouzingo group (c.1830-34), this anthology includes five poems from Borel’s 1832 collection Rapsodies with parallel French texts and Borel’s Preface to the book, all heavily annotated with translators notes and footnotes unfolding Borel’s many references to the Romanticist avant-garde community and its ideological and historical contexts; and a short critical biography of Borel, with a selected bibliography of works by or about Borel in English.

  • The Horse-Killer, Vol. I, by Olchar E. Lindsann. First installment of Lindsann’s serial novel, set in an absurdist avant-garde utopia out of joint with time & space.
  • A Post-Neo Poetic Annoyance Kit, by Olchar Lindsann, Wilheim Katastrof, Warren Fry, Bradley Chriss, Edwin Birch, & Others. An anthology of classic Post-NeoAbsurdist performance scores, ready for use: loose sheets of each score, in paper-clipped multiple copies for simultaneous poems, collected in a customized folder. Clipboards, Noisemakers, and rottiing vegetables unfortunately not included.
  • Toward (and Away From) a (Potential) Nagean Pataphysics, by Olchar E. Lindsann. In this verbose and spiral (not circular) proposal for a new perspective on Pataphysics, Lindsann suggests that the (anti-)paradigmatic Pataphysician may not be Dr. Faustroll, but rather his arse-faced baboon servant, Bosse-de-Nage, who speaks only one phrase: “Ha ha!”

  • Lizstomanical! by Olchar E. Lindsann. A brief, hyperbolical, absurd rhapsody in collage based very loosely upon the mythic life of the Romanticist musician, Franz Lizst.

Plus an assortment of TLPs by Alphonse Brot, Warren Fry, Olchar Lindsann, Philothée O’Neddy, and others; publications associated with the Marginal Arts Festival, Romanticism & the Avant-Garde and Outer Circle: Contemporary Russian Avant-Garde exhibitions in Roanoke, VA; and possibly other chapbooks currently in preparation for either this or the next release!

Even more developments are in the works for the second part of the year: Other Sub-imprints are in preparation for our Fall/Winter release, including a Horror imprint edited by Imogene Engine and a series of archival publications from local avant-garde communities and Network events. And planning is now underway for a bilingual collaboration with the Russian avant-garde journal Slova and the long-slumbering Synapse. The Fall/Winter release will include, among much else, the next volume of Fast-Sedan Nellson’s Wordsworth’s “Prelude” Translated into Boring and Trite,” a collection of texts (many newly translated) by Jeunes-France co-founder Philothée O’Neddy, a portfolio of prints by his collaborator Achille Devéria, Exquisite Crypyt #4: Post-Neo Chat Poems, and much more.

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