Upcoming Releases

As usual, things move steadily but slowly at mOnocle-Lash; about a dozen projects are in various stages of completion. Here are a few of the upcoming releases:

For Autumn, A.Da. 99 (2015):

Imogene Engine, Collected & New Works: A 70-page anthology covering the first 12 years of her work in written and collaged poetry.

Exquisite Crypt #4–Chat Room Invasions: In 2006, Post-NeoAbsurdists in England, Ohio, and New Jersey raided random chatrooms with some boisterous Anti-Conversation.

Olchar E. Lindsann, guage War: Poems.

and from the Revenant Editions sub-imprint–

The Mapah Ganneau, Baptism, Marriage. A manifesto c.1840 by ‘the Mapah’ Ganneau–Romanticist sculptor, phrenologist, occultist, and founder of the Evadamist movement that fused a neo-Gnostic cosmology to feminism, magic, and utopian and syndicalist socialisms. First ever translation of an Evadamist text into English.

Toussaint-des-Mornes (Francis Vielé-Griffin), Soladel. A sound poem first published in 1885 as a satire by the Franco-American Symbolist Francis Vielé-Griffin, reconstructed & reprinted for the furst time since 1890.

Alphonse Brot, Two Poems and a Preface. Two short poems by Alphonse Brot, co-founder of the Bouzingo group, and his 1829 Preface which contains the earliest extant claim of a poet to be part of the “avant-garde.” This is Brot’s first ever publication in English.

For Winter 2015/16:

Joseph Bouchardy, The Garrick Remedy. trans. Talia Felix. A tale of blending fiction, reality, and the theatre by Joseph Bouchardy, co-founder of the Bouzingo group. His first known appearance  in English.

Fast Sedan Nellson, Wordsworth’s Prelude Translated Into Even-More-Boring-and-Trite: Vol. 3. The long-awaited next installment of Niral-Nellson’s lifelong project to somehow render Wordsworth even more tedious than he already is.

and from the Revenant Editions sub-imprint–

[Title Forthcoming]: Prints by Achille Devéria. A folio of archival of prints by Achille Devéria, avant-garde eroticist, teacher, and co-founder of the Bouzingo.

Poems From the Annales Romantiques. A chapbook collection of translations and transliterations from the 1829-1835 Annales Romantiques anthologies held in the Revenant Archive, featuring work by first-generation avant-gardists almost entirely erased from history.

For Spring, A.Da. 100 (2016)

and from the Revenant Editions sub-imprint–

Olchar E. Lindsann, The Revenant Avant-Garde: A Bibliographic Portrait, 1st Ed. A heavily annotated catalog of the Revenant Archive to-date.

Philothée O’Neddy, Embers from Fire and Flame. Full-length anthology of poetry, theory, fiction and correspondence by Frenetic Romanticist & Bouzingo co-founder Philothée O’Neddy.

[Title Forthcoming] Monograph on Louis Boulanger. Biography and artwork by the Frenetic Romanticist painter & printmaker and co-founder of the Bouzingo, with contextual material.

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