New Periodical! Revenance: Hauntings from Underground Histories

Revenance: A Zine of Hauntings from Underground Histories

The Revenant sub-imprint is kicking off its own periodical, Revenance, and is open to contributions!

Revenance promotes history practiced as game, as activism, as trans-generational collaboration, as communal memory. A historiography that runs athwart the academic, refuses to describe history as dead, as finished, which does not stand apart to observe its object from a distance, in the posture of false ‘objectivity’ which Power always assumes. Instead: a committed historiography, which does not claim to stand outside the stream of time or apart from its object, intellectual and precise, yet ludic and multi-form, one moment manifest as an essay, the next as a poem; a historiography researched and written from within the utopian fringe, and for the same community, responsive to our changing conditions, needs, and desires. A historiography that we take personally, which merges imperceptibly into daily life, thought, and continued experimental practice and life.

Like the Revenant imprint and archive, the journal will focus on forgotten and newly-discovered history of avant-garde, radical activist, utopian, and other underground countercultures. While the primary focus will be on the 19th Century, earlier and later material is also welcome, and contributions directly connecting counter-cultural movements and strategies across time are particularly encouraged. The primary goal is to explore histories, communities, and themes that are not consistently represented elsewhere. Revenance seeks to develop a community of independent DIY researchers who see historical work as part of a communal praxis directed toward contemporary and future change; it is a laboratory in which countercultural history is transmuted, reflected and disseminated in the current lifestyle, writing, music, art, and thought of present-day communities of dissent or otherness.

There are a small but ardent sprinkling of us across the world whose varied interests have led us to converge, via different paths, upon an overlapping cluster of historical subjects, and who are activating that history within an array of subcultures from the avant-garde to fanfic to punk to Decadence to Weird Fiction; a lot of knowledge and reflection, which has scarcely been shared or made visible. Ideally, the journal’s readers will also be its contributors; with time, we will find our separate areas of research connecting and reinforcing each other.

We welcome all forms of historical engagement: essays, translations, sample passages of books and images in the public domain, transductions & re-workings of old work, poems (think Ed Sanders’ Investigative Poetics, Banville’s poems on Romanticism), book reviews, stories (romans à clefs? speculative fanfic?), bibliographies and reading-lists, historiographic theory, and more. Much of this material may be drawn upon for later re-publication in anthologies by Revenant Editions, or expanded to full chapbooks. It will consistently feature passages and translations taken from the Revenant Archive and research relating to it and the ‘Resurrecting the Bouzingo‘ project.

The journal will be published on an irregular basis, whenever enough contributions accumulate and I have time to print. Submissions will be rolling: send me what you have when it’s ready, and it will go into the next issue. In order to get the ball rolling though, for the first issue the deadline will be July 31, 2016.

Previously published work (except on mOnocle-Lash) is fine, and before you think you don’t have time–

The word ‘zine’ in the subtitle is a reminder that we desire participation above all, and encourage contributions that are humble in size, but striking in their interest or intriguing in theoir implications. We particularly encourage micro-essays and short essays and translations–we’d rather have a couple paragraphs on a fascinating subject than nothing at all because you haven’t the time to write something longer. The projected average contribution would be a page or so, some shorter, many longer. I’ve even seen facebook posts which, with a citation or two and a few sentences of context, would be worthy of inclusion.

The journal will be published on an irregular basis, whenever enough contributions accumulate and I have time to print.


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