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These publications were produced via mOnocle-Lash as accompaniment for, and/or documentation of, specific events including festivals and symposia, local activities in various cities, etc. Their interest is primarily in relation either to particular local avant-garde communities, or to specific events and the networks which they brought together. Many published in partnership with other organisations and imprints, they represent the publishing aspect of Olchar Lindsann’s Post-Neo-Absurdist archive.



-by Celine Anderson, Ahar Babi, Swade Best, Rowan Gryder, Ashley Meador, Aria Mickenberg, Sophia Oliver, Jonah Woodstock, and Kaitlin Sine.
A chapbook of Fluxus scores written by students at Community High School in response to their involvement with activities led by Warren Fry and Rebecca Weeks during the 2012 Marginal Arts Festival.
10 pgs. on folded 8.5″ x 11″. June, A.Da. 96. (2012 Anti-Vulgar)
$1.00 + 0.20 s/h or trade

Punch & Judy

-adapted by Olchar E. Lindsann.

A traditional Punch & Judy routine transcribed in 1851, adapted by Lindsann for more streamlined contemporary performance for the 2011 Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival.

16 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. Feb, A.Da. 95. (2011 Anti-Vulgar)
$1.00 + 0.30 s/h or trade


Secret Histories of Rutgers’ Underground Artists
New Jersey Post-Neo

secret histories web photo fluxmass colouring web photo
Pamphlet/activity sheet distributed by NJ Post-Neo to incoming students in Rutgers’ University’s visual art, music, and theatre departments, outlining the history and continuation of avant-garde activity in New Brunswick, NJ through mazes, fun-facts, and other games, plus free coloring page!.

8 pgs on folded 8.5”x11”. July A.Da. 91. (2007 Anti-Vulgar)
$1.00    or trade


Myth: Digestion and Renewal

ed. Olchar E. Lindsann

myth web photo

Anthology of poems revolving around mythic themes. Work by Bradley Chriss, Imogene Engine, Nicholas Lennard, the mysterious Montana Group, Olchar Lindsann, Emily Panzeri, and Roland Silnachen; with a critical introduction by Netel McBurgenger and preface by Lindsann.

24 pgs on folded 11”x17”. March, A.Da. 89.
$2.50 + 0.80 s/h    or trade



Roanoke Up Close & Personal

Slim ‘zine assembled by the underground cultural community in Roanoke, VA as an introduction to visiting guests of the 2012 Marginal Arts Festival. With contributions by Bensonian, Warren Fry, Susan Jamison, Jim Leftwich, Olchar Lindsann, Matt Ames, Philosophy Inc, Tif Robinette, Isabel Watson-Barnes & Rebecca Weeks (honorary Roanoker).

12 pgs. on folded 11″x17″. Feb., A.Da. 96. (2012 Anti-Vulgar)
$1.50 + 0.70 s/h or trade


A Marginal Guide to Downtown Roanoke (etc.)

-by the DIY creative community of Roanoke, VA. 

Guide to local businesses and sites in Roanoke, VA recommended by members of the local underground cultural community. Compiled for distribution to visiting guests of the 2012 Marginal Arts Festival.

20 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. Feb., A.Da. 96. (2012 Anti-Vulgar)
$2.00 + 0.50 s/h or trade



-edited by Olchar Lindsann, Amanda Agricola, & Mateo Marquez

Performance  & Exhibition programme for the Exclamations venue at the 2012 Roanoke Marginal Arts Festivals. W/schedule, exhibition maps, short statements and bios of participants from local and international Avant, Post-NeoAbsurdist, Fluxus, Eternal Network, and Star City Shadow School communities. Statements and bios by: Exclamations Project, Star City Shadow School, bela b. Grimm, Matt Ames, Megan Blafas, Warren Fry, Reid Wood, Bradley Chris, Tiffany Robinette, Tsubasa Berg, C. Mehrl Bennett, Tomislav Butkovic, Olchar E. Lindsann, Sara Adrian, Isabel Watson, Amanda Agricola, John M. Bennett, Mateo Marquez, Rebecca Weeks, Emily Panzeri, Keith Buchholz, Shelly Smith, Tim Campbell,  Julia Schneider, Ray Higgens, Jennifer Crow, Kailen M. Kinsey, Maricarmen Perez, Jenna Nelson, Katie Bradford, Alexandra Zierle & Paul Carter.

10 pgs on folded 8.5”x11”. Feb. A.Da. 91. (2012 Anti-Vulgar)
0.75 + 0.25 s/h or trade


Marginal Arts Festival 2012 TLPs:

Set of TLPs created by visiting guests of the Marginal Arts Festival to introduce themselves to the Roanoke community.

4 TLPs for $1.00 (Specify titles in note, or take the luck of the draw–specify MAF 2012 TLPs)

C. Mehrl Bennett, MSCL. (cover w/Ficus Strengulensis)

*     *     *

John M. Bennett, Fingered Toad.

*   *   *

Tomislav Butkovic (Untitled). w/[PRO]-[ANTI] Press.

*     *     *

Musicmaster (Untitled).

*    *     *

Shelly Smith, Symbols.

*     *     *

Reid Wood, Look Inside.


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