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Soul-Roulette: Transmutations of Nerval
–by Retorico Unentesi
Soul-roulette online front cover

Experimental and ‘pataphysical transductions of poetry by the early avant-gardist Gérard de Nerval, rendered by the mysterious Retorico Unentesi of the Institute for Study & Application, Kohoutenberg.

Padded out with extensive front-matter by eminent dead persons and an epic appendix elaborating & tangentiating upon the seams and merging of translation and poetic creation.

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66 pgs on perfect-bound 7.5” x 9.25”. Sept., A.Da. 101 (2017).
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The Ecstatic Nerve: Speculations on Some Dubious Subjects
—by Olchar E. Lindsann

Ecstatic Nerve Front Cover

From one perspective, a programme for a radicalized practice of Thought; from another perspective, a fractured history of certain 19th and 20th Century avant-gardes; from yet another perspective, an experiment in utopian historiography. Or possibly a meticulously researched speculative novel. The most comprehensive presentation to date of Lindsann’s over-arching (theoretical/political/metaphysical) project, and his conceptualization of the potential of radically engaged avant-gardes acting multigenerationally.

344 pgs, perfect bound 8.5”x11”. A.Da. 91. (2007 Anti-Vulgar)
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How Do We Know? A Few Notes on Reclaiming Knowledge for Life
by Olchar E. Lindsann
lindsann how do we know cover for web

Short essay on pedagogy, bibliography and archiving as part of long-term strategies of cultural action.

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6 pgs on folded 8.5″x11″. Sept., A.Da. 101 (2017).
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On Fun

—by Olchar E. Lindsann.
“We could call Friendship the art of coordinating each other’s different ideas of fun. A strong friendship is one in which everybody understands each others’ fun and has learned where and how to overlap. This makes fun richer, stronger, and over time broadens the range of what kinds of fun we can have, of what kinds of things we can find fun in, or bring fun to. We are all instinctively and subtly manipulating and nurturing fun all the time in order to relate to the people we care about. It seems to me it would be good to think and talk consciously about how to do it better, and more radically. Just picture how much fun fun would be then.”
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14 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. May, A.Da. 95. (2011 Anti-Vulgar)
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Dartington, A Eulogy: An Open Letter on Community, Pedagogy, History, and the Life and Death of Utopian Institutions
—by Olchar E. Lindsann

Part of the utopian community founded in Totnes, England in 1926, Dartington College of Arts was for many decades a defining force in the development and sustenance of ethically and communally based creative activity, experimental pedagogy, contextual and site-specific work, devised and non-narrative theatre, performance poetry and digital writing, minimalist and concrete music, shamanic and durational performance, and many other experimental and socially-grounded practices in European advanced culture. It was central to the development and circulation of Neoism, Fluxus, Post-NeoAbsurdism, SPART, and other avant-garde networks. While this text is addressed to the extended Dartington community in the wake of the school’s recent closure, more broadly it critiques the mainstream educational system that Dartington contested and attempts to address the apparently inevitable death of any utopian project in the current educational climate, and to open discussion as to what strategies might be adopted among radical creative communities in response to the inherently temporary nature of all utopian projects.

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20 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. June, A.Da. 94. (2010 Anti-Vulgar)
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On Anachronism as Dissent
—-by Olchar E. Lindsann

“What has been committed over the past fifty years (at least) is a campaign of Historiographic assassinations. History-making, its inherent problematics and politics, is simply not discussed, is never brought up, and the average university graduate or ‘art student’ develops a deep-seated and well-cultivated blindspot, one whose consequences are essentially ethical. This blindspot is maintained by a discourse and an industry perfectly adapted to exploit their insecurities [ . . . ] If the immediate social circumstances surrounding the emergence or dominance of an idea, tradition, medium, or technique has changed, the silent argument implicitly runs, then it has, by this very fact, been rendered impotent, incapable of being engaged with, further developed, or reconfigured as an idea [ . . . ] The anachronistic gesture insists that the values, goals, languages, and structuration of intellectual activity are matters of active choice, and have more to do with either conviction or play (or something other) than with chronological hierarchies [ . . . ] ANACHRONISM IS A BLOW AGAINST HISTORY. It refuses to abide by the chronological organization of human thought. History, which has become a fetish within the very system that has declared it Ended, has become a mechanism for the exclusion and shutting-up of ideas not conducive to the Museumpublishingallery racket or the economic and political systems for which it is a prop and a hypocritical apology.”

New heavily reworked  & expanded edition, first published in Synapse 2.

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12 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. June. A.Da. 90 / Feb, A.Da. 94. (2009 Anti-Vulgar)
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Useless Preface to a Romantasemic Writing
—by Jim Leftwich, Théophile Gautier, & Olchar E. Lindsann

Romantasemic Writing Preface-Leftwich-Gautier-Lindsann web photo

A mash-up by Olchar Lindsann of two manifestos protesting the hegemony of the idea of Utility, written a century and a half apart: Théophile Gautier’s 1835 Preface to Mlle. de Maupin, and Jim Leftwich’s 2001 Useless Writing manifesto.

” useful means useful to the dominant culture. always and only, nothing but rain and homilies our most numerous and poorest classes? But to barely keep from dying is not living, That which is deemed useful, they couple Robespierre and Jesus Christ became so jansenistically prurient in the jolliest way, is such only insofar as it reinforces the fundamental structure of the culture. The most useful place in a house is the shitter. Only in this way is progress .possible Any other is bitter delusion, The power relations that are structurally in place must remain structurally in place. Change is not only ,allowed it is required, but only in the details of the larger pattern; What matters it whether it is a sword, an aspergillum, or an umbrella that rules you? the larger pattern of necessity must remain intact. It is a stick just the same kind of club to be laid across their shoulders ,teaches them for our ultimate descendants Urge the proletariat to engender more inhabitants, and, when ,those swarm without reason to sweep them off the streets with artillery. “

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5 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. Aug., A.Da. 98. (2014 Anti-Vulgar)
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Toward (and Away From) a (Potential) Nagean Pataphysics
—by Olchar E. Lindsann

nagean pataphysics web photo

In this verbose and spiral (not circular) proposal for a new perspective on Pataphysics, Lindsann suggests that the (anti-)paradigmatic Pataphysician may not be Dr. Faustroll, but rather his arse-faced baboon servant, Bosse-de-Nage, who speaks only one phrase: “Ha ha!”

” Whether or not “Ha ha!” signifies anything, it is a catalyst that creates (My italics.) signification. “Ha ha!” acts like a vacuum, forcing conclusions from those surrounding it, and pulling them into it. The reasons and explanations that others create for it circle around this empty phrase but never penetrate it; it is an origin which is cut off, or better: an Anti-origin that has little relation to the ideas circling it, but which provides a centre (My italics.) around which they can orbit. And, it is important to note, “Ha ha!” the eternal empty phrase, changes its significance in each situation, it is ethereal, unformed; it is a constant potential for a new rationalization, a new signification. The significance (My italics.) of “Ha! Ha!” is that its significance (My italics.) can be constructed only after (My italics.) the utterance itself. In this way it sets itself up against the first principle of Metaphysics. Such might be a potential Nagean Pataphysics. “

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40 pgs. on folded 8.5x11. Aug., A.Da. 98. (2014 Anti-Vulgar)
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Open Letter Supplement to ‘Toward a Nagean Pataphysics’
Lindsann explains how 8.375 words are in actuality 4,989.5 words.
Nagean Pataphysics Open Letter Ebook

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15 pgs. on folded 8.5x11. Aug., A.Da. 98. (2014 Anti-Vulgar)
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Toward a Breathing Text: The Art of Madness: Insanity as a Creative Act
—by Olchar E. Lindsann

Polemic tract.


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12 pgs on folded 8.5″ x 11″. Dec., A.Da. 89.
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Cheating Art History: Strategies in the Fight Against Modernism
—by Olchar E. Lindsann

cheating art history web photo

Polemic tract outlining the necessity for a self-aware and structural resistance on the part of ethically motivated communities to the dominant ‘artistic’ commercial AND discursive/theoretical infrastructures.

First published with minor variations in Synapse 1.

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10 pgs on folded 8.5”x11”. A.Da. 91. (2007 Anti-Vulgar)
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—by the SPART Action Group & New Jersey Post-Neo

stay home make art web photo

Polemic pamphlet of two complimentary manifestos by SPART (Northern Ireland) and the NJ Post-Neo contingent as part of the Nobody Go Anywhere campaign; distributed produced simultaneously by SPART in Northern Ireland.

Technology may be getting faster but human nature is as old as the hills and if you want to alter society, which is the ultimate goal of most political art, then you have to realise that society is built on human nature and it will take a whole lot more than quirky art dressed in clever arguments to move an edifice that history has demonstrated to be so disobliging and frankly bloody minded. -SPART

Boycott Pretentious Art. Skip the bullshit, skip our own performance, our panel, and encourage everyone else to do the same. Go outside to where the smokers are penned. Go to the pub. There, we will find everyone else who refused to be taken in by the scam, having a real discussion, planning action or living art in the same place and in the same way in which they discuss every other aspect of life, discussing issues within daily life, and amongst the intersecting communities in which they live, not hovering above them. -NJ PNA

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9 pgs on folded 8.5”x11”. July A.Da. 91. (2007 Anti-Vulgar)
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Carmen Pro Pleroma: A Brief Treatise Concerning the Invocation of Yog-Sothoth
—by Olchar E. Lindsann

Yog-Sothoth, revealed through Lovecraft, is a deity of many faces. To invoke Yog-Sothoth is to write, and to die. There are ways to survive this Death–such is the subject of the remarks set down here. The deeper mysteries, of course, remain withheld.

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15 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. Nov. A.Da. 93. (2009 Anti-Vulgar)
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