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The Korse-Killer: A Gothic Novel of the Avant-Garde; Vol. I
–by Monk O’Lindsann
Horse Killer Vol I Front Cover Image for Web

An Anti-Tale of Melodrama, Passion, Blasphemy, & Absurdity in an Avant-Garde Anti-Utopia Beyond Time, Space, or Sense – a world where poets, artists, and mystics from two centuries of countercultural anarchy live, love, and beat their auxiliary brainpan cenacle monocles side-by-side, none of them making a damn lick of sense. The first of two volumes; look for the conclusion around 2021-22!

“Her voluptuousness was beyond the overweaning hubris of description. She rent her moustache, beat her auxiliary breast, and not daring to quit Alfred Jarry, endeavoured by bruitist cries to summon the horse-killers to her conspiratorial collaboration. She at length succeeded. Alarmed by her shrieks, several of the Brothers-in-Anti leapt savagely to the spot, and the Historiographer was conveyed back to the Catacombs. He was immediately put to gingerbread-coffin, and the horse-killer who officiated as Shaman and Barber-Surgeon to the Cénacle prepared to examine the wound. By this unconsciousness Alfred Jarry’s brain-pan had swelled to an extraordinary opacity; the remedies which had been administered to him, ’tis sophistical, restored him to intersticial life, but not to his senses; he raved in all the ecstasies of delirium, foamed at the dada, and four of the strongest horse-killers were scarcely able to firmly clench him in his gingerbread-coffin.”

“A grand old hack of good old “Monk”Lewis’ classic gothic old novel, turned inside out and old unanti’d I hear; I couldn’t old make it through it myself. (old)”
––Sir Chad Niral-Nelson

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Perfect-bound, 6″x9″, 168 pgs. Jan., A.Da. 103 / A.H. 189 (2019 Anti-Vulgar)
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Two Cities: On Carcosa And Golgonooza
– by Olchar E. Lindsann
two cities chapbook cover
Between two cities which do not exist, what does not exist is born . . . a theoretic prose-poem at play with Blake, consciousness, mysticism, negative theology, imminence, logothesis, epistemontology, the life of absent things, Weird Fiction and the Yellow Sign . . .

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10 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. March, A.Da. 102. (2018 Anti-Vulgar)
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Sound Rituals
–by Jim Leftwich & billy bob beamer
Collaborative poetry sequence by Jim Leftwich and billy bob beamer.

“Jim Leftwich and billy bob beamer have collaborated to create an evocative apparatus that generates images in the ear and auditory revelations for the eyes. In a frequently disjointed consciousness reflective of the exploding hybrids we all live a grand sweeping music arrives that compels us to reorient outside the delusion of self and adapt to worlds superimposed, alternatively transparent and opaque, full of sudden illumination and flittering shards fading into some nameless space only this poetry can describe. At a time when even the concept of truth seems forever elusive in this liturgy we are offered the opportunity to discover firsthand and immediately what pure unfiltered experience reveals.”
Jake Berry

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Perfect-bound, 92 pgs. Jan., A.Da. 102 (2018)
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Soul-Roulette: Transmutations of Nerval
–by Retorico Unentesi
Soul-roulette online front cover

Experimental and ‘pataphysical transductions of poetry by the early avant-gardist Gérard de Nerval, rendered by the mysterious Retorico Unentesi of the Institute for Study & Application, Kohoutenberg.

Padded out with extensive front-matter by eminent dead persons and an epic appendix elaborating & tangentiating upon the seams and merging of translation and poetic creation.

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66 pgs on perfect-bound 7.5” x 9.25”. Sept., A.Da. 101 (2017).
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At Risk Canon Sees
by Warren C. Fry
At Risk Canon Sees web image

Eight pages of ambiguous collage by Warren Fry.

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8 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. July, A.Da. 101. (2017 Anti-Vulgar)
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Groggy Slug
by Olchar E. Lindsann
Groggy Slug cover for web

Thirteen poems by Olchar Lindsann, composed from January through
June, 2017.

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12 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. July, A.Da. 101. (2017 Anti-Vulgar)
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by Michael Dec
Permafrost front cover web image permafrost full cover for web

–––Preface by John M. Bennet, Cover by Keith Higginbotham

The work of poet and musician Michael Dec has been a long-time presence in the American avant-garde, not least as a staple of the legendary ‘Lost & Found Times’ for over two decades. Yet, his work has rarely been collected together, and rarely appears in condensed form. Here are 26 new poems running a startling gamut of themes, processes, and socio-verbal explorations. With a Preface by John M. Bennett, and Cover by Keith Higginbotham.
From Bennett’s Preface: “[Dec’s] unique, expressionistic surrealism has been consistent through the years, along with an intense imagery and a delight in the eschatological . . . You don’t have to use scissors to cut up language, you can do it straight from your head, and Dec has achieved this in his excellent and long overdue new book, a book shining with complex, multi-layered, emotional, literary, and intellectual strengths.”

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32 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. July, A.Da. 101. (2017 Anti-Vulgar)
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I, Engine: Collected and New Works
-by Imogene Engine


Imogene Engine’s haunting, imagistic work has appeared (among other places) in nearly every collective publication of the Post-NeoAbsurdist movement since its founding 15 years ago, but until now has remained scattered through dozens of journals and anthologies. This collection, which includes both typeset and collaged poems, allows the intricate intertextuality of her oeuvre to emerge in all its fullness, revealing an intense and mysterious textual world teeming with depthless shadows and uncanny verbal collisions.

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Perfect-bound, 102 pgs. Sept., A.Da. 100 (2016).
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Larme Bouquet
by Olchar E. Lindsann

larme bouquet cover image

Twenty poems by Olchar Lindsann, composed from September through December, 2016.

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22 pgs. on folded 8.5x11. Sept., A.Da. 99. (2015 Anti-Vulgar)
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Babbage’s Disease
—by Edwin Birch
babbages disease web photo
Minutes in the research and years in the writing, this historically-questionable anti-biographical novel about the demise of the inventor of the first mechanical computer (and his imaginary friend Jiffy) is destined for immortal micro-glory in the annals of Post-Neo nonsense.

“After what seemed like days of incessant hacking, Babbage finally felt something stir in the back of his throat. It felt like a glob of phlegm, only bigger. Much bigger. And firmer. And hairier. And… flatter? Each little cough brought the puzzling object further up his windpipe. His naturally crimson complexion turned plum-purple with the effort of dislodging whatever was lurking deep in his neck. At long last, with one final triumphant bellowing heave, the thing emerged.

It was small, white and furry. It had a big, wide head, with two long, pointy ears, tiny black eyes and a little X for a nose. It was also completely two-dimensional. It sat on Babbage’s lap, casually wiped away the vile coating of mucus that clung to its furry surface, stared at him with its blank, soulless eyes and sniffed.

“Hallo,” it said, in a vaguely Dutch accent.

“Hello,” replied Babbage, too flabbergasted to ignore it.

“My name is Jiffy,” said the little creature. Its simple features disturbed Babbage. It looked as though it had been drawn by a child. A generous person might have suggested it was a rabbit. It didn’t have a mouth.”

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119 pgs. perfect-bound Pocket-sized edition. March, A.Da. 98. (2014 Anti-Vulgar)
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The Horse-Killer: Chapter One.
—by Olchar E. Lindsann

horse-killer 1 cover colour

—-cover by bela b. Grimm & Olchar Lindsann

Lindsann’s serial Gothic (anti-)Novel is set in an absurdist avant-garde utopia out of joint with time & space, peopled by an all-star cast of Dadas, Neoists, Patahysicians, Activists, Symbolists, Mail Artists, Surrealists, Heretics, Fluxists, Fictional Characters, Romanticists, Post-NeoAbsurdists, Lovecraftian Gods, Situationists, and everything in-between. Read the first installment while it’s fresh!

”      Burning with dada rage, O’Neddy leapt savagely to the attack: The Antagonists had already exchanged several passes before Maciunas, who at that fortnight had more nonsense than either of them, could spit himself between their razor-sharp intellects.
‘Hold! Hold! Fatagaga!’ He exclaimed; ‘Remember the consequences of shedding mercurial dew on shamanically consecrated ground!’
The Philistine immediately dropped his Physic-Stick. ‘Fatagaga?’ He cried; ‘Great Cthulu, is it possible! O’Neddy, have you quite forgotten Daniel Kharms?’
O’Neddy’s astonishment increased with dada every succeeding fortnight. Daniel Kharms advanced towards him, but with a piss of dada suspicion He drew back his brain-pan, which the Other was preparing to take. “

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48 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. Aug., A.Da. 98. (2014 Anti-Vulgar)
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Meat Risk
by Olchar E. Lindsann

Meat Risk front cover  web photo

Seven short poems written between 2006-2016: “Meat Tattoo” / “Hiss” / “Present” / “1812” / “Baby Code (for juanita Chriss)” / “whis key rebellion” / “risk cumberbun”

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6pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. May, A.Da. 100. (2016 Anti-Vulgar)
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Textis Globbolalicus, Vol. I-III.
—by John M. Bennett.

—–Introductions by Jim Leftwich, Olchar Lindsann, and Bob BreuKl.

Spanning three volumes and nearly 1,000 pages, this is THE DEFINITIVE collection of texts in that that most indecipherable of tongues, Globbolalia, by its only native speaker, the inimitable Dr. John M. Bennett.

Perfectbound 8.5″x11″. Feb., A.Da. 95. (2011 Anti-Vulgar).
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Vol. I: 354 pp., Introduction by Bob BrueckL, cover by C. Mehrl Bennett. $20.00 + s/h OR Free Download
Vol. II: 351 pp., Introduction by Jim Leftwich, cover by Blaster Al Ackerman. $20.00 + s/h OR Free Download
Vol. III: 292 pp., Introduction by Olchar E. Lindsann, cover by Musicmaster. $20.00 + s/h OR Free Download


guage War
–by Olchar E. Lindsann
guage War online cover

Poems by Lindsann in conversation with the work of avant-writers John M. Bennett, Jim Leftwich, and Ivan Argüelles (plus some others)–hacking up, integrating, responding or referencing their work. In this celebration of communal language and textual play, every level of linguistic phenomena, from the single mark to the letter, the word, the phrase, the sentence, the statement, are woven in and out of each other to percolate and jar against themselves.

20 pgs. on folded 8.5x11. Sept., A.Da. 99. (2015 Anti-Vulgar)
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Profanity Poems
—by Olchar E. Lindsann

profanity poems web photo

Fuck Poem # 3

shit-face arse-face fuck
dick-face piss-face fuck
cunt-face fuck-face
mother of fucking god.

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18 pgs on folded 8.5”x11”. April, A.Da. 91.
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The Iuk Kide
—by Imogene Engine

Iuk kide cover b&wiuk kide color copy w title
—cover by bela b. Grimm

Long-form poem by one of the primary originators of Post-Neo verse.

A storm begins and the electricity happens horizontally-
and I find the book written by the anchoress.
I never understood what it said
until I went to sleep.
The Iuk Kide is a book, a place and a religion.
There was a queen who married into the religion.
She could not break the will of the king,
– but also she could not go into exile.
It is too late-
occurs in some other century
trappings silenced and censored…
a prisoner to the structure.

18 pgs on folded 8.5”x11”. July A.Da. 91. (2007 Anti-Vulgar)
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—by Olchar E. Lindsann

ghoul web photo

“low curl of dented spindlespine
skinbristle pricked in blue or yellowing
jowls dark mouth stuffed in bristlewhine
a cackle cracking through the skin
bespotted blue or yellowing
with eyes eyes darting musclewise
with eyes eyes gazing back at every shift at us
bespotted with our eyes we know
those eyes the voice we know
the eyes we shed clutch tight to hide there
eyes we shed stare strangely hunching
the stalking whistle like a wolf in shape but that
the legs and feet are like to legs and feet
of man
as also
voices speaking canine names of men out of the dark
eyes glinting in the dark from flames
far from fires watched by stars by spots and called we know
and small voices in our folds call out to eyes
blink out from night we know we rise we know
we wait with teeth we look at eyes
rolling on flankcrouches we

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12 pgs on folded A4. Dec., A.Da. 89.
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Mr. Rutabega’s Clockwork Mince (and Other Fascinating Head Extractions)
—by David Beris Edwards

mr rutebega web photo

Delightful chapbook by the ex-Contrarealist and present comedic-poetic standard-bearer of British Post-NeoAbsurdism, includes plays, pictures, poems, exclamations, and several other types of thing. Each copy is unique.

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20 pgs on folded A4, customized & w/ googly-eyes. A.Da. 90 (2006 Anti-Vulgar)
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The Hymn of Stone
—by Imogene Engine & Olchar Lindsann.

Dark and atavistic cycle of verses, collaboratively composed by Imogene Engine and Olchar Lindsann, adorned with collages by the writers. Crisp was the clock / shutting its eye to all of the bodies. // Bring me the sorrowful creature/ with its forehead of wood / and its skin marked with notches / like a soldier marked for his sins.

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20 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. Jan, A.Da. 95. (2011 Anti-Vulgar)
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The Myopic Deathray; and Other Tawdry Conflagrations
—by bela b. Grimm & Olchar E. Lindsann

myopic deathray web photo

Uncanny collaborative collage in the tradition of Ernst, Baargeld, Fatagaga.

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16 pgs on folded 11”x17” medium-stock laser paper. Feb., A.Da. 91.
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Carmen Pro Pleroma: A Brief Treatise Concerning the Invocation of Yog-Sothoth
—by Olchar E. Lindsann

Yog-Sothoth, revealed through Lovecraft, is a deity of many faces. To invoke Yog-Sothoth is to write, and to die. There are ways to survive this Death–such is the subject of the remarks set down here. The deeper mysteries, of course, remain withheld.

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15 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. Nov. A.Da. 93. (2009 Anti-Vulgar)
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Hotspur’s Talent
by Thomas L. Taylor & bela b. Grimm

hotspurs talent web photo b&whotspurs talent cover next largest

Long-awaited collection of lush physical and digital collage.

30 pgs on folded 8.5”x11”. Feb. A.Da. 93. (2009 Anti-Vulgar)
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Imogene & Olchar: Memory & Ephemera
—by Imogene Engine & Olchar E. Lindsann.

Minimal collaborative ‘zine of collaged image and text.

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12 pgs. on folded 11″x17″. July, A.Da. 95. (2011 Anti-Vulgar)
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The Garrick Remedy
by Joseph Bouchardy; trans. Talia Felix.

bouchardy-garrick remedy cover

Though virtually forgotten today, Joseph Bouchardy (1810-1870) was a co-founder of the Bouzingo group, the first self-declared “avant-garde” collective, blending political radicalism, gothic-horror subculture, experimental literature and art, and the transformation of everyday life.

Trained as an engraver, he soon turned to playwriting, and produced many popular melodramas full of deception, disguise, double-crossing, violence, and convoluted, labyrinthine plots often taking place in labyrinthine settings.

This drole tale, written in 1835 on the cusp of Bouchardy’s switch from engraving to drama, is his first work ever translated into English. In  it, Lady Anna has fallen in love at a performance of Romeo and Juliet—but does she love the famous Romantic actor Garrick, or the character of Romeo, or the play itself? In any case, her father has offered £20,000 to anyone who can cure her infatuation.

Bouchardy swings the reader deviously back and forth between wistful sentiment and disillusioned irony. He also sheds some light on Romanticist attitudes toward theatre, history, truth, fiction, and the blending of life and art.

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36 pgs. on folded 8.5x11. 1835-36 / Sept., A.Da. 99. (2015 Anti-Vulgar)
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Anti-Prophesies: Post-NeoAbsurdist Prophesy Poems, A.Da. 86-94.
—by Bradley Chriss, Olchar Lindsann, the Montana PNA group, Aaron Andrews,  Megan Blafas, Warren Fry, Bruno Franklyn, Jim Leftwich, & other anonymous Post-Neos.

One of the first and most versatile Post-Neo microforms, dozens of Anti-Prophesies have appeared in Post-Neo journals, books, and performances since A.Da. 87 (2003). Through them a characteristic but heteroclite tradition, mythology, and poetic has coalesced. This is the first comprehensive collection of PNA Anti-Prophesies drawn from the Post-Neo archives, with an introductory essay by Olchar E. Lindsann.

67 pgs, perfect bound 6″ x 9”. Feb., A.Da. 95. (2011 Anti-Vulgar)
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Lung Crackle
—ed. Warren Fry

lung crackl web photo front lung rackle web photo back

Mini-Anthology of visual work and Performance Scores, produced in association with Post-Neo Morphemic Clamor event in New Brunswick, NJ. Includes work by: Melissa Foster, Olchar Lindsann, David Beris Edwards, Sarah Granet, Megan Blafas, Brad Chriss, Chip Allen, Carin Rodenborn, Kurt Schwitters, Bill Clippenger, and Warren Fry.

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30 pgs on folded 8.5”x11”. Feb., A.Da. 91.
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Myth: Digestion and Renewal
—ed. Olchar E. Lindsann

myth web photo

Anthology of poems revolving around mythic themes,originally compiled for a Post-Neo exhibition for the Jung Society, Columbus, OH. Work by Bradley Chriss, Imogene Engine, Nicholas Lennard, the mysterious Montana Group, Olchar Lindsann, Emily Panzeri, and Roland Silnachen; with a critical introduction by Netel McBurgenger and preface by Lindsann.

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24 pgs on folded 11”x17”. March, A.Da. 89.
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A Gossamer Guillotine / The Lidless Daintily Tongue (2nd Ed.)
—by Emily Panzeri and Olchar E. Lindsann

gossamer guillotine web photolidless daintily tongue web photo

Split mini-chapbook with four poems by Panzeri, one long poem by Lindsann, one poem in collaboration.

“Grace outnumbering the unmentionable years
A soft foreboding of irrational and italicized time

The thought of old things and unsympathetic voices
Remember what she never told you

The disturbance of quiet comes and then she forgets
She forgets her whole life
Her whole life is forgetting”


“hush-tensed and tiptoe (almost)
beware and rush untie the tendon (almost)
disburdened and halved (almost)
more skin than white
fleshly stepped from grass and steel
breeze blue-veined against
temples of hair and columns
platonic symmetry platonic
air beating warmth between its edges”


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12 pgs on folded 8.5″ x 11″. Nov. A.Da. 88
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Flayed Men
—by Olchar E. Lindsann

flayed men web photo

Minimal, (anti-)lyrical lettristic poems.

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8 pgs on folded 8.5”x11”. Jan., A.Da. 91.
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Laugh Clump
—by Crabb Murlock & Ipollit Wheeden
—–ed. Netel McBurgenger & O. Lindsann

laugh clump book web photo

Reprint of classic volume of protopostneoabsurdist poetry originally published in 1928 and long believed lost, with original illustrations by Ipollit Wheeden. Includes critical introduction and poem-by-poem commentary by N. McBurgenger, and poetic appreciations by Roland Silnachen, Bradley Chriss, Olchar E. Lindsann, Emily Panzeri, and Chad Niral-Nelson.

“Lo! The many-mothered limes
lay limply in my love of dough;
The sphynx is lying on my glove,
your impish crimes lay bar below
the spheres of inky phosphur-crust
that links our lot for ibis times
and likes the fetid ivory mines
of Solomon’s tomato lust.
O, lettuce-fly, the sandy lutes!
O, lettuce-fly, to grotto suits!
The femur-kings are lost and clothed
in thump and lollipop!

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48 pgs. 1st ed. A.Da. 12, this ed. Sept., A.Da. 89
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The Prelude: Book 1
—by William Wordsworth
     —–translated into Even-More-Boring-and-Trite by Fast Sedan Nellson prelude 1 web photo frontfs nelson_prelude 1 web photo back

From the self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Translators’, this is the first volume in Nellson’s copiously annotated translation of Wordsworth’s 230-page biographical poem into an obscure dialect of English, ‘Even-More-Boring-and-Trite’. (Wordsworth’s original poem is in a related dialect, ‘Boring-and-Trite’.) To be issued over many years as a set of 14 volumes, followed by a deluxe perfectbound edition with parallel translation and extensive introduction and commentary. Volume I covers the following epochs of Wordsworth’s life: “It Starts- Being a kid- Going to School”.

24 pgs.  on folded 8.5” x 11”. Dec. A.Da. 92 (2008 Anti-Vulgar)
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The Prelude: Book II
—by William Wordsworth
     —–translated into Even-More-Boring-and-Trite by Fast Sedan Nellson

From Fast Sedan Nellson, Translator Extraordinaire, comes the second volume of Nellson’s copiously annotated translation of Wordsworth’s 230-page biographical poem into an obscure dialect of English, ‘Even-More-Boring-and-Trite’. (Wordsworth’s original poem is in a related dialect, ‘Boring-and-Trite’.) To be issued over several years as a set of 14 volumes, followed by a deluxe perfectbound edition with parallel translation and extensive introduction and commentary. Volume II continues Wordsworth’s boring adventures “About School (even more of it)”.

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16 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″.Feb, A.Da. 96. (2012 Anti-Vulgar)
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The Prelude: Book 3
—by William Wordsworth
——translated into Even-More-Boring-and-Trite by Fast Sedan Nellson
Prelude 3 EMBaT cover image

From the self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Translators’, this is the third volume in Nellson’s copiously annotated translation of Wordsworth’s 230-page biographical poem into an obscure dialect of English, ‘Even-More-Boring-and-Trite’. (Wordsworth’s original poem is in a related dialect, ‘Boring-and-Trite’.) To be issued over several years as a set of 14 volumes, followed by an eventual deluxe perfect-bound edition with parallel translation and extensive introduction and commentary.

Vol. III Continues Wordsworth’s boring adventures as “I Live in Cambridge”.

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16 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. Feb, A.Da. 96. (2012 Anti-Vulgar)
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The Prelude–or, I Get Smarter: A Poem About Me”, Volume 4.
–by William Wordsworth, Translated into Even-More-Boring-and-Trite by Fast-Sedan Nellson.
Prelude in EMBaT Vol 4 cover
The absurd magnum opus of the British Post-NeoAbsurdist Fast Sedan Nellson, self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Translators’: a gleefully spiteful, blatantly unfair, copiously annotated translation of Wordsworth’s 230-page autobiographical poem into an obscure dialect of English, ‘Even-More-Boring-and-Trite’. (Wordsworth’s original poem, explains
Nellson, is in a related but more refined dialect, ‘Boring-and-Trite’.)

To be issued over several years as a set of 14 volumes; this volume covers “SUMMER BREAK”.

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20 pgs. on folded 8.5” x 11”. Jan., A.Da. 102 (2018)
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Exquisite Crypt 1: A Post-NeoAbsurdist Mausoleum of Exquisite Corpses
—by the Columbus, Ohio Post-NeoAbsurdist Community


Graphic and written Exquisite Corpses produced in Post-Neo communities between A.Da. 86 and A.Da. 90. Collaborations by Aaron Andrews, Megan Blafas, Bradley Chriss, Krista Faist, dadaDavid Hartke, Holly Koskinen, Chris Lennard, Emilie Lennard, Olchar Lindsann, Emily Panzeri, Roland Silnachen, Nick Solsman, & Chris Tennant.

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24 pgs on folded 11”x17”. April, A.Da. 91.
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Exquisite Crypt #2
-ed. Warren Fry

The second installment in our series of Exquisite Corpses, Surrealist games, and other collectively-produced artifacts created within the Post-NeoAbsurdist community. This is a single, epic exquisite corpse poem produced between March and December, A.Da. 91 (2007) as a relic of the interaction between three local Post-Neo communities during that period: started during the Anglo-American Post-Neo reunion that Spring as representatives from the American wing traveled through London, Totnes, and Cardiff, then continued upon their return during a stage of intense development in the New Jersey group during a visit there from representatives of Washington Post-Neo. The closest one’s likely to find to a narrative exquisite corpse! (It’s still not that close.) Written by Olchar Lindsann, Warren Fry, David Beris Edwards, Eleanor Francis Waterfowl, Amy Oliver, Rhiannon Chaloner, Bradley Chriss, Megan Blafas, and Tomislav Butkovic.

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20 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. June, A.Da. 94. (2010 Anti-Vulgar)
$2.00 + 0.50 s/h or trade Click HERE for free PDF