“The Prelude” in Even-More-Boring-And-Trite

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William Wordsworth’s “The Prelude; or, I Get Smarter: A Poem About Me”
Translated into Even-More-Boring-and-Trite by Fast Sedan Nellson 

The absurd magnum opus of the British Post-NeoAbsurdist Fast Sedan Nellson, self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Translators’: a gleefully spiteful, blatantly unfair, copiously annotated translation of Wordsworth’s 230-page autobiographical poem into an obscure dialect of English, ‘Even-More-Boring-and-Trite’. (Wordsworth’s original poem, explains Nellson, is in a related but more refined dialect, ‘Boring-and-Trite’.)

To be issued over several years as a set of 14 volumes, followed by a deluxe perfect-bound edition with parallel translation and extensive introduction and commentary.




Volume 1:  Covers the following epochs of Wordsworth’s life: “It Starts- Being a kid- Going to School”.

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24 pgs.  on folded 8.5” x 11”. Dec. A.Da. 92 (2008 Anti-Vulgar)
$2.00 + 0.40 s/h    or trade.


Volume II: Continues Wordsworth’s boring adventures “About School (even more of it)”.

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16 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″.Feb, A.Da. 96. (2012 Anti-Vulgar)
$1.00 + 0.30 s/h or trade


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