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Compulsory Bingo
—by Chris Lennard & Olchar Lindsann

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Fraternal musical-poetic hybrid recorded over two days in a small room with a trombone, trumpet, violin, french horn, flute, tympani, roto-tom, a marimba, and god knows what else.

20 tracks, 71 minutes on CD-R.    A.Da. 93 (2009 Anti-Vulgar)
$2.00 + 0.70 s/h    or trade



Hrach Rioke Bull Colle (Vols. 1 & 2)
—Single track Bruitist albums recorded by anonymous Columbus Post-Neo collaborators.

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Vol. I: 22 min on CD-R.     A.Da. 88.
$2.00 + 0.70 s/h    or trade

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Vol. II: 64 min. on CD-R.     A.Da. 90.
$3.00    or trade



The Feral Pool
—by Olchar E. Lindsann

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15 tracks of extensively manipulated sonic poetry with bonus a sonic essay as a bonus track.

68 min. on CD-R.     A.Da. 89.
$2.00 + 0.70 s/h    or trade
Or download most tracks for free
(Disc includes 3 additional short “Anti-Adverts” & a long sonic essay as a bonus track)



Fast, Clean, and Reliable
—by Catharsism of Narcotica

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Full-length Demo by the founders of American Post-Neo, includes full liner notes w/ lyrics. 18 tracks plus 15 bonus tracks. (C.o.N. comprises Aaron Andrews, Bradley Chriss, David Hartke, Olchar Lindsann). 2 covers available, one by Lindsann & one by Hartke; indicate preference if any.

60 min. on CD-R.        A.Da. 88
$6.00 + 0.70 s/h    or trade

Or download most tracks for free Here

(disc includes additional interspersed song intros & sped-up bonus tracks)


Sound & Performance Poems (2nd Ed.)
-by Olchar Lindsann

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15 tracks of Lindsann’s early performance and sonic poetry.

52 min. on CD-R.        A.Da. 89
$2.00 + 0.70 s/h    or trade



Laugh Clump
by Crabb Murlock & Olchar Lindsann

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O. Lindsann’s sonic settings of Murlock’s complete text (also available in book form). 20 tracks.

11 min. on CD-R.        A.Da. 89
$2.00         or trade        




KUH[n] #1
—ed. Tomislav Butkovic
DVD anthology/journal of Post-Neo video, film, & documentation, released in conjunction with [Pro-][Anti] Press.

Featuring Megan Blafas, Brute Salon, Jeff Burns, Tomislav Butkovic, Bradley Criss, Evan Damerow, David Beris Edwards, Krista Faist, Warren Fry, Jim Leftwich, Olchar Lindsann, Comptroller Needleman, Joseph Ruck, Corey Wellington.

Approx. 1 hour on DVD-R.    A.Da. 92
$2.00    or trade



Ubu Roi
—by Alfred Jarry, Olchar Lindsann, Angee Lennard, Emilie Lennard, & Chris Lennard


Truly painful full-length video treatment of Jarry’s seminal play. Public showings typically result in approx. 70% walk-outs.

approx. 2 hrs on double DVD-R.    A.Da. 89 (2005 Anti-Vulgar).
$5.00 + 0.90 s/h    or trade



Poorly Made Films Vol. I
—by O. Lindsann, N. Lennard, E. Lennard, C. Lennard & A. Lennard.

Collection of extremely lo-fi analog short films. Gestation of Mr. Squibbles, Ubu Roi, etc.

approx. 1 hr on DVD-R.    A.Da. 84—86 (2000-02)
$3.00    or trade