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Compulsory Bingo
-by Chris Lennard & Olchar Lindsann

ompulsory bingo  web photo
Fraternal musical-poetic hybrid recorded over two days in a small room with a trombone, trumpet, violin, french horn, flute, tympani, roto-tom, a marimba, and god knows what else.

20 tracks, 71 minutes on CD-R.    A.Da. 93 (2009 Anti-Vulgar)
$2.00 + 0.70 s/h    or trade


The Feral Pool
—by Olchar E. Lindsann

feral pool  web photo

15 tracks of extensively manipulated sonic poetry with bonus a sonic essay as a bonus track.

68 min. on CD-R.     A.Da. 89.
$2.00 + 0.70 s/h    or trade
Or download most tracks for free 
(Disc includes 3 additional short “Anti-Adverts” & a long sonic essay as a bonus track)



Hrach Rioke Bull Colle (Vols. 1 & 2)

Single track Bruitist albums recorded by anonymous Columbus Post-Neo collaborators.

hrach rioke 1  web photo

Vol. I: 22 min on CD-R.     A.Da. 88.
$2.00 + 0.70 s/h    or trade


hrach rioke 2  web photo

Vol. II: 64 min. on CD-R.     A.Da. 90.
$3.00    or trade


Fast, Clean, and Reliable
—by Catharsism of Narcotica

afe clean reliable lindsann cover  web photosafe clean reliable hartke cover web photo

Full-length Demo by the founders of American Post-Neo, includes full liner notes w/ lyrics. 18 tracks plus 15 bonus tracks. (C.o.N. comprises Aaron Andrews, Bradley Chriss, David Hartke, & Olchar Lindsann). 2 covers available, one by Lindsann & one by Hartke; indicate preference if any.

60 min. on CD-R.        A.Da. 88
$6.00 + 0.70 s/h    or trade

Or download most tracks for free Here

(disc includes additional interspersed song intros & sped-up bonus tracks)


Sound & Performance Poems (2nd Ed.)
by Olchar E. Lindsann

lindsann sound and perf poems  web photo

15 tracks of Lindsann’s early performance and sonic poetry.

52 min. on CD-R.        A.Da. 89
$2.00 + 0.70 s/h    or trade


Laugh Clump
—by Crabb Murlock & Olchar Lindsann

laugh clump album  web photo

O. Lindsann’s sonic settings of Murlock’s complete text (also available in book form). 20 tracks.

11 min. on CD-R.        A.Da. 89
$2.00         or trade



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