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British Post-Neo’s Mouse Milk Press, edited by Eleanor Francis Waterfowl, publishes Eleanor Francis Waterfowl’s Curious Almanac and a variety of online, xerographed, and hand-printed & letterpress books. mOnocle-Lash currently distributes facsimile trade editions of the following printed books in the Americas. Prices are slightly higher to compensate for the cost of British paper sizes here in the US.

Splat Anthology
—by Eleanor Francis Waterfowl & David Beris Edwards

AOSP cover004

Anthology of the Post-Neo micro-form pioneered by DBE, the Splat Poem–pocket-sized to be performed anywhere & at a moment’s notice!

12 pp on side-stapled 3” x 5.25”.  A.Da. 92
$0.50 b&w + 0.10 s/h 
$3.00 colour  + 0.10 s/h  or trade


Eleanor Francis Waterfowl’s Curious Almanac #3: PNA Issue
—by Eleanor Francis Waterfowl

efw curious almanac  web photo

Delightful anti-annual of Post-Neo games, puzzles, quizzes, funfacts, Meat Poems, madlibs, etc.

8 pp on folded 4” x 5”.    A.Da. 92.
b&w:        $1.00 + 0.10 s/h  or trade
full colour:    $5.00 + 0.10 s/h 


 Professor Aristotle Wants Your Teeth
—by David Beris Edwards & Eleanor Francis Waterfowl

Hilarious & sacred pamphlet distributed by British PNA to the citizens of Gloucester, England: Let this rubber chicken be your God.

Tri-fold pamphlet on A4.    A.Da. 92.
$0.50 + 0.10 s/h    or trade



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