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[PRO-][ANTI-] Press, operated by Wilheim Katastrof, publishes the Post-NeoAbsurdist video anthology KUH[n], and other multimedia Post-Neo and related releases, in addition to occasional chapbooks and e-books.


–By Jules Vasylenko
Vasylenko Album Cover
All new four track digital audio compact disc recording titled FUMPH! of trombax cgurlger, bamboozle schmoohnker, and hornk quauker Jules Vasylenko as he makes his way out of Roanoke. Proceeds go to Sid & Jules.

Review by John M. Bennett

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79 min on CD-R. May A.Da. 102 (2018 Anti-Vulgar)
$10 + $3 s/h.
Free Download forthcoming.



KUH[n] is a dvd-media journal which aims to document and place in junction the various digital works by people of communities that coincide such as mail-art, visual poetry, noise, punk, avant writing linked by association to the network of PostNeoAbsurdist [anti-]discourse. KUH[n] acts as a reference to actions which perpetually occur or to created situations. It does not assume to be a whole and is not a substitution for lived organization and experience. Though still a digital product, KUH[n] is contained as a dvd to maintain its physicality as an object in order to remain a catalyst for discussion and further association, whether or not it is readable in the future. (That it will be unreadable in the future is the very nature of digital technology.)

KUH[n] #2
—ed. Tomislav Butkovic

Featuring The Holy Land (Ralph Eaton & Breyt Waller), Warren Fry, Tim Campbell, David Beris Edwards, Eleanor Francis Waterfowl, Alan Reed, Justin McKeown, Olchar Lindsann, Emilie Lennard, Philosophy Inc. (Matt Ames), Bradley Chriss, Aaron Howard, Realicide, SPART Action Group, John m. Bennett, DJ Thumper, Joseph Ruck, Jim Leftwich, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Stewart Home, Tomislav Butkovic, All Over the Where, Tsubasa Berg.

Burned on archival dual layer dvd with customized printed sleeve.
Approx 3hr.   Feb. A.Da. 94.
$5.00      or trade. 


KUH[n] #1
—ed. Tomislav Butkovic

DVD anthology of Post-Neo video, film, & documentation.
Featuring Megan Blafas, Brute Salon, Jeff Burns, Tomislav Butkovic, Bradley Criss, Evan Damerow, David Beris Edwards, Krista Faist, Warren Fry, Jim Leftwich, Olchar Lindsann, Comptroller Needleman, Joseph Ruck, Corey Wellington.

Approx. 1 hour on DVD-R.    A.Da. 92
$2.00    or trade


Dada n’est rien
—ed. Tomislav Butkovic

A French language mini-[Anti-]primer on Dada, with work by Hausmann, Ball, Hennings, Picabia, Tzara, Duchamp, plus a quiz and other embellishments by Butkovic.

8 pp TLP on single sheet folded 8.5 x 11.     Sept., A.Da. 94.
$0.25 (request with order) or as set of 4 TLPs.


—by Tomislav Butkovic

surface web photo
Photo-texts from Middlesex County, NJ.

6 pp on folded 8.5 x 11, w/full colour cover.     Aug., A.Da. 92.
$2.00 + 0.40 s/h   or trade


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