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THE IN-APPROPRIATED PRESS #8: “Dogs on a Mission” Issue.
––ed. Olchar E. Lindsann
in-AP 8 cover

This issue features work by William Repass, Sir Chad Niral-Nelson, Musicmaster, Olchar E. Lindsann, Jim Leftwich, Wilheim Katastrof, Kaitlin Heath, bela b. Grimm, Warren Fry, Laura Jane Evert, Bradley Chriss, Megan Blafas-Chriss, John M. Bennett, and attendees of AfterMAF 2017.

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20 pgs on folded 11”x17”. Aug., A.Da. 101.
$2.50 + 1.00 s/h or FREE DOWNLOAD


by Michael Dec
Permafrost front cover web image permafrost full cover for web

–––Preface by John M. Bennet, Cover by Keith Higginbotham

The work of poet and musician Michael Dec has been a long-time presence in the American avant-garde, not least as a staple of the legendary ‘Lost & Found Times’ for over two decades. Yet, his work has rarely been collected together, and rarely appears in condensed form. Here are 26 new poems running a startling gamut of themes, processes, and socio-verbal explorations. With a Preface by John M. Bennett, and Cover by Keith Higginbotham.
From Bennett’s Preface: “[Dec’s] unique, expressionistic surrealism has been consistent through the years, along with an intense imagery and a delight in the eschatological . . . You don’t have to use scissors to cut up language, you can do it straight from your head, and Dec has achieved this in his excellent and long overdue new book, a book shining with complex, multi-layered, emotional, literary, and intellectual strengths.”


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32 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. July, A.Da. 101. (2017 Anti-Vulgar)
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At Risk Canon Sees
by Warren C. Fry
At Risk Canon Sees web image

Eight pages of ambiguous collage by Warren Fry.

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8 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. July, A.Da. 101. (2017 Anti-Vulgar)
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Groggy Slug
by Olchar E. Lindsann
Groggy Slug cover for web

Thirteen poems by Olchar Lindsann, composed from January through
June, 2017.

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12 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. July, A.Da. 101. (2017 Anti-Vulgar)
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I, Engine: Collected and New Works
-by Imogene Engine


Imogene Engine’s haunting, imagistic work has appeared (among other places) in nearly every collective publication of the Post-NeoAbsurdist movement since its founding 15 years ago, but until now has remained scattered through dozens of journals and anthologies. This collection, which includes both typeset and collaged poems, allows the intricate intertextuality of her oeuvre to emerge in all its fullness, revealing an intense and mysterious textual world teeming with depthless shadows and uncanny verbal collisions.

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Perfect-bound, 102 pgs. Sept., A.Da. 100 (2016).


Rêvenance: A Zine of Hauntings from Underground Histories. Issue 1.
–ed. Olchar E. Lindsann
Rêvenance 1 ebook
Rêvenance is the flagship journal of the Revenant Editions series, dedicated to the forgotten or untold histories of 19th Century avant-garde and other countercultures. It includes essays, translations, and many experimental forms of historical writing and research that connect those traditions to continuing radical communities today.

The first issue features translations (by Olchar Lindsann and Raymond E. Andre III) of work by Alphonse Allais, Gérard de Nerval, Maurice Rollinat, Alphonse Karr & Georges d’Heylli; poetic re-workings of Charles Nodier & Michel Roly by John M. Bennett; poems in Volapük by Francis Vielé-Griffin and Michael Helsem; essays by Gleb Kolomiets and Olchar Lindsann; visual texts by Edward Kulemin; and a conversation by Jim Leftwich, John M. Bennett & Peter Ciccariello about Rea Nikonova, Malevich, and the Incoherents group of the 1880s.

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32 pgs on folded 8.5”x14”. Sept., A.Da. 100 (2016).
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Pif Paf Patapan! A Sampler of Phonetic Poetry From the 19th Century
by Paul Verlaine, Théophile Gautier, Charles Nodier, & Francis Vielé-Griffin; ed. Olchar E. Lindsann
Pif Paf Patapan
Though Phonetic Poetry as a designated, focused practice was developed in the early years of the 20th Century, experiments with phonetics and non-semantic sound have been explored in the avant-garde since at least 1830. These are the poets who were read by the Futurists, Dadas, and Zoumists, and whose experiments (and others’?) they consolidated into a new form.

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8 pgs on folded 8.5” x 11”. Sept., A.Da. 100 (2016).
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NOTE: Verlaine poem is flawed in the online version of the PDF, due to some obscure coding flaw that changes PDFs when displayed online. Email for a free uncorrupted version of the file. Sorry!


The Prelude: Book 3
—by William Wordsworth
——translated into Even-More-Boring-and-Trite by Fast Sedan Nellson
Prelude 3 EMBaT cover image

From the self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Translators’, this is the third volume in Nellson’s copiously annotated translation of Wordsworth’s 230-page biographical poem into an obscure dialect of English, ‘Even-More-Boring-and-Trite’. (Wordsworth’s original poem is in a related dialect, ‘Boring-and-Trite’.) To be issued over several years as a set of 14 volumes, followed by an eventual deluxe perfect-bound edition with parallel translation and extensive introduction and commentary.

Vol. III Continues Wordsworth’s boring adventures as “I Live in Cambridge”.

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16 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. Feb, A.Da. 96. (2012 Anti-Vulgar)
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The Garrick Remedy
by Joseph Bouchardy; trans. Talia Felix.

bouchardy-garrick remedy cover

Though virtually forgotten today, Joseph Bouchardy (1810-1870) was a co-founder of the Bouzingo group, the first self-declared “avant-garde” collective, blending political radicalism, gothic-horror subculture, experimental literature and art, and the transformation of everyday life.

Trained as an engraver, he soon turned to playwriting, and produced many popular melodramas full of deception, disguise, double-crossing, violence, and convoluted, labyrinthine plots often taking place in labyrinthine settings.

This drole tale, written in 1835 on the cusp of Bouchardy’s switch from engraving to drama, is his first work ever translated into English. In  it, Lady Anna has fallen in love at a performance of Romeo and Juliet—but does she love the famous Romantic actor Garrick, or the character of Romeo, or the play itself? In any case, her father has offered £20,000 to anyone who can cure her infatuation.

Bouchardy swings the reader deviously back and forth between wistful sentiment and disillusioned irony. He also sheds some light on Romanticist attitudes toward theatre, history, truth, fiction, and the blending of life and art.

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36 pgs. on folded 8.5x11. 1835-36 / Sept., A.Da. 99. (2015 Anti-Vulgar)
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Tacky Little Pamphlets: 8-page mini-books.

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#3: Two Poems by Alphonse Brot, translated & dedicated by Olchar Lindsann.

revenant forgotten tlp 3 brot minstrel onlineBrot, today one of the most obscure co-founders of the Bouzingo group, is the first person on record to call himself an adherent to the “avant-garde” in the modern sense, in an 1829 Preface. The term had been coined a few years earlier buy the socialist theorist Olinde Rodrigues, who called for the creation of such a hypothetical community. This is Brot’s first ever publication in English, and reproduces two newly-translated short poems from that 1829 collection Poems of Love & Diverse Poems, along with a short biography, a performance score dedicated to Brot by Olchar Lindsann, his only known portrait, and a selected bibliography in French.

Double-sized TLP, 8 pgs.
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NOUNby Jim Leftwich. Prose sequence.      (Cover Image Soon)


Vogon Poetry Translator, by Warren Fry. Translate any poem to Vogon in just a few simple steps!     (Cover Image Soon)


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