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In-Appropriated Press #15: A Conjuring Trick With Nuts
––ed. Olchar E. Lindsann

inAP 15 cover

This issue kicks off the zine’s new smaller, squarer page-size and cover colour!
Featuring work by Brian Counihan, Michael Dec, Wayne Llewelyn, Reid Wood, Jim Leftwich, C. Mehrl Bennett, Musicmaster, Wilheim Katastrof, Volodymyr Bilyk, Jack Foley, Alexia Bassett Carter, John M. Bennett, John Crouse, Dr. mobius Ditch, Steve Dalachinsky, jEZabEL dITCh, Noah Trout, Olchar E. Lindsann, & Andrew [Last name lost].

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18 B&W pgs on folded 8.5” x 14” with Colour Cover. Summer, A.Da. 103 (2019)
$2.50 + 1.00 s/h


Revenance 6 cover for online

Rêvenance: A Zine of Hauntings from Underground Histories. Issue 6
ed. Olchar E. Lindsann

This special issue of Rêvenance contains a single, meticulously researched, 40-page experimental essay by the journal’s editor Olchar Lindsann, “Theatres of War in the Assault on Culture: A Simultaneous History of Theatrical Riots and the Avant-Garde, 1830-1970”. Written in response to Kolomiets’s essay “Who Governs the History of Art?” from the premier issue, this study investigates the strategies, tactics, and results of nine organized interventions by and/or against avant-garde collectives over a century and a half – presented all at once, as if describing one single multi-dimensional event. This experimental compositional technique reveals surprising and instructive similarities and differences in avant-garde community and strategy over the years, and emphasizes the continuity and inter-generational solidarity of this counterculture.

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46 pgs on folded 8.5”x14”. April, A.Da. 102/A.H. 189 (2019)
$6.00 + 1.50 s/h


Revenance Collection 1–5 Index Cover copy

Rêvenance, Index to Issues 1-5 (2016-18)
ed. Olchar E. Lindsann

A full table of contents and complete index of all authors, translators, artists, journals, movements/groups, and selected major themes appearing in the pages of Rêvenance during its first two years. The index will be included in the forthcoming perfect-bound edition of all these issues, but the chapbook version is being made available for those who have collected the journal and would find the omnibus redundant, and features its own cover image appearing only on the chapbook version. Future, updated and expanded editions of the index will be published ever five issues.

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14 pgs on folded 8.5”x14”. March, A.Da. 102/A.H. 189 (2019)
$2.00 + 1.00 s/h



–– by André Salmon & Apa
–––– translated by Olchar E. Lindsann

Salmon Cartomancy Cover

André Salmon (1881-1969) was one of the originators of literary Cubism, publishing more than twenty books of avant-garde poetry, around a dozen books of fiction, and among the first monographs of many of the Cubist and other modernist painters; very little of his work (especially his poetry and fiction) has been translated into English.

This densely enigmatic, yet pretty raunchy poem cycle reflects Salmon’s idiosyncratic involvement with hermeticism and the occult, using the standard playing deck rather than the Tarot. Salmon builds a dense collage of hermetic, mythological, and historical systems into these extremely compressed little stanzas, while the syntax becomes increasingly fractured as they progress.

The accompanying cubist card designs were designed in conjunction with Salmon’s text by the Spanish cartoonist Apa (Felíu Elías Bracons).

The poem and images were published in 1921 in Issue 2 of the Cubo-Dadaist journal Action, edited by Pierre Reverdy. Due to a printer’s or editor’s error, in all copies the sequence was truncated partway through the tenth poem, and apparently never reprinted. The remainder is lost to history.

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13 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. Feb., A.Da. 103. (2019 Anti-Vulgar)
$1.50 + 0.75 s/h or trade


Horse Killer Vol I Front Cover Image for Web

The Korse-Killer: A Gothic Novel of the Avant-Garde; Vol. I
–by Monk O’Lindsann

An Anti-Tale of Melodrama, Passion, Blasphemy, & Absurdity in an Avant-Garde Anti-Utopia Beyond Time, Space, or Sense – a world where poets, artists, and mystics from two centuries of countercultural anarchy live, love, and beat their auxiliary brainpan cenacle monocles side-by-side, none of them making a damn lick of sense. The first of two volumes; look for the conclusion around 2021-22!

“Her voluptuousness was beyond the overweaning hubris of description. She rent her moustache, beat her auxiliary breast, and not daring to quit Alfred Jarry, endeavoured by bruitist cries to summon the horse-killers to her conspiratorial collaboration. She at length succeeded. Alarmed by her shrieks, several of the Brothers-in-Anti leapt savagely to the spot, and the Historiographer was conveyed back to the Catacombs. He was immediately put to gingerbread-coffin, and the horse-killer who officiated as Shaman and Barber-Surgeon to the Cénacle prepared to examine the wound. By this unconsciousness Alfred Jarry’s brain-pan had swelled to an extraordinary opacity; the remedies which had been administered to him, ’tis sophistical, restored him to intersticial life, but not to his senses; he raved in all the ecstasies of delirium, foamed at the dada, and four of the strongest horse-killers were scarcely able to firmly clench him in his gingerbread-coffin.”

“A grand old hack of good old “Monk”Lewis’ classic gothic old novel, turned inside out and old unanti’d I hear; I couldn’t old make it through it myself. (old)”
––Sir Chad Niral-Nelson

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Perfect-bound, 6″x9″, 168 pgs. Jan., A.Da. 103 / A.H. 189 (2019 Anti-Vulgar)
$15.00 + s/h


Chevalier de Saint-Georges Anti-Bio cover

Revenant Anti-Bio #8: The Chevalier de Saint-Georges: Composer, Swordsman, Revolutionary Soldier, Ex-Slave, & the Most famous black Frenchman of the 18th Century!
Buy/Trade physical copies as part of set of Revenant Anti-Bios  OR  (FREE DOWNLOAD)


& a NEW DISTRO ALBUM from [Pro]-[Anti] Press –

Vasylenko Album Cover

–By Jules Vasylenko

All new four track digital audio compact disc recording titled FUMPH! of trombax cgurlger, bamboozle schmoohnker, and hornk quauker Jules Vasylenko as he makes his way out of Roanoke. Proceeds go to Sid & Jules.

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79 min on CD-R. May A.Da. 102 (2018 Anti-Vulgar)
$10 + $3 s/h.
Free Download forthcoming.


Semi-New From mOnocle-Lash!


Sound Rituals
–by Jim Leftwich & billy bob beamer

Collaborative poetry sequence by Jim Leftwich and billy bob beamer.

“Jim Leftwich and billy bob beamer have collaborated to create an evocative apparatus that generates images in the ear and auditory revelations for the eyes. In a frequently disjointed consciousness reflective of the exploding hybrids we all live a grand sweeping music arrives that compels us to reorient outside the delusion of self and adapt to worlds superimposed, alternatively transparent and opaque, full of sudden illumination and flittering shards fading into some nameless space only this poetry can describe. At a time when even the concept of truth seems forever elusive in this liturgy we are offered the opportunity to discover firsthand and immediately what pure unfiltered experience reveals.”
Jake Berry

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Perfect-bound, 92 pgs. Jan., A.Da. 102 (2018)
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Prelude in EMBaT Vol 4 cover

The Prelude–or, I Get Smarter: A Poem About Me”, Volume 4.
–by William Wordsworth, Translated into Even-More-Boring-and-Trite by Fast-Sedan Nellson.

The absurd magnum opus of the British Post-NeoAbsurdist Fast Sedan Nellson, self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Translators’: a gleefully spiteful, blatantly unfair, copiously annotated translation of Wordsworth’s 230-page autobiographical poem into an obscure dialect of English, ‘Even-More-Boring-and-Trite’. (Wordsworth’s original poem, explains
Nellson, is in a related but more refined dialect, ‘Boring-and-Trite’.)

To be issued over several years as a set of 14 volumes; this volume covers “SUMMER BREAK”.

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20 pgs. on folded 8.5” x 11”. Jan., A.Da. 102 (2018)
$2.00 + 0.50 s/h or FREE DOWNLOAD   or trade.


Flaming Mess: Three Poems in Attrition, by William Repass, Olchar E. Lindsann, & Michael Dec. A poem, its hack, and its hack’s hack. June 2019.

Flaming mess Cover for online



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4 pgs. on folded 8.5″x11″. Aug., A.Da. 101. (2017 Anti-Vulgar)
Include in set of 4 TLPs for $1.00 + 0.40 s/h or trade (specify title in note when purchasing)   or   FREE DOWNLOAD


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