Though only one issue ever saw press, BARM (edited by Waren Fry) is the most complete published document of the New Jersey Post-NeoAbsurdist community, in dialogue with Post-Neo networks in Ohio, England, and Washington, D.C. Included are many traces of local Post-Neo activities, including an account of psychogeographic investigations of Milltown, NJ; debates between Post-Neo ‘Familiars’; a section dedicated to the Courtlandland collective; all scattered with Anti-Adverts, quizzes, and pithy epigrams sopping with wisdom.

-ed. by Warren Fry.
barm 1  web photo

Featuring Aaron Andrews, Professor Aristotle, John M. Bennett, Tsubasa Berg, Megan Blafas, Tomislav Butkovic, Bradley Chriss, Bill Clippenger, Courtlandtland, David Beris Edwards, Imogene Engine, Warren Fry, bela b. Grimm, dadaDavid Hartke, Jay Henderson, Aaron Howard, Justin Jernigan, Jessy Kendal, Chi-Kit Kwong, Jim Leftwich, Olchar Lindsann, Mark Markin, Fast Sedan Nellson, Sir Chad Niral-Nelson, Craig Olsen, Miss Ricketts, Thomas L. Taylor, Eleanor Francis Waterfowl, and Andrew Wolf.

Highlights include D.B. EdwardsThe Perfect Action: A Post-NeoAbsurdist Strategy of Existence in an Anti-Age of Futility; Fry’s First Fastening Anti-?Manifesto; special feature on the Courtlandtland collective; Lindsann’s The Thing at Milltown; and the PNA New Jersey’s SIZZLIN’ Anti-Artist Quiz.

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24 pgs on folded 11”x17”. June, A.Da. 92 (2008 Anti-Vulgar)
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