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Synapse, the flagship journal of mOnocle-Lash, appears at intervals of anywhere from months to years. Each issue includes scores of works of literature, theory, visual art, and many less classifiable offerings from dozens of contributors from all of the various networks, communities, disciplines, movements, and traditions with which we interact. Though appearing erratically, each volume adds new elements or shifts its balance to reflect the evolving relationships and dialogues of Post-NeoAbsurdism and its many contexts, yielding a jam-packed cross-section of contemporary countercultural praxis.


Synapse 1
ed. Olchar E. Lindsann

synapse 1  web photo
Featuring  John M. Bennett, Bradley Chriss, Warren Fry, David Hartke, Crinoll Hasdan, Jessy Kendall, Olchar E. Lindsann, Solamito Luigino, Rich Sedan Nellson, Borick Nelson, Virgil Nelson, Constantine Nelsonn, Rea Nikonova, Sir Chad Niral-Nelson, Emily Panzeri, Lia Pas, Roland Silnachen, and Andrew Topel.

Highlights include Where Does the ANTI- Come From? by Niral-Nelson, Tactility Child: A Tragedy +anti! by Bradley Chriss, Barr-barr Manifesto by Warren Fry, and Cheating Art History: Strategies in the Fight Against Modernism by Olchar E. Lindsann.

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56 pgs on folded A4. Nov., A.Da. 89 (2005 Anti-Vulgar)
$7.00 + 0.80 s/h    or trade


Synapse 2
—ed. Olchar E. Lindsann

synapse 2  web photo synapse 2 supplement  web photo

Featuring Aaron Andrews, Andrew Topel, Blaster Al Ackerman, Borick Nelson, Bradley Chriss, C. O’Leary, Col. Mustard, Chadwick Niral-Nelson, Chi Kit Kwong, Crinoll Hasdan, David Hartke, David Beris Edwards, Edward Lense, Ed Word, Emily Panzeri, Fast Sedan Nellson, Jessy Kendall, Jim Leftwich, John M. Bennett, Lia Pas, Mark Greenwood, Mark Sonnenfeld, Megan Blafas, Melissa Foster, Olchar Lindsann, Professor Aristotle, Rea Nikonova, Reed Altemus, Roland Silnachen, Royce Icon, Scott Helmes, Solamito Luigino, Sonny Barger, Thomas L. Taylor, T. P. Slinty, Virgil Nelson, Warren Fry, William Clippenger, and Zoe.

Highlights include splittongues: The still Birth of the Anti: An unprophecy by Bradley Chriss, Performance Scores by Warren Fry, Chi Kit Kwong, and Olchar Lindsann, Part I of Wordsworth’s Prelude translated into Even-More-Boring-and-Trite by Fast Sedan Nellson, Chocolate Milk Manifesto by David Hartke, Hoot Hoot series by T.P. Slinty, Do Don’t by Aaron Andrews, On Anachronism as an Aggressive Act by Olchar E. Lindsann, and Blaster Al Ackerman hacks John M. Bennett.

optional Sound Supplement featuring:
David Beris Edwards, Ilse Frankenstein, Mavis Concave, John M. Bennett, Olchar E. Lindsann, Nick Hallam, Robert Inhuman, Alice Kemp, Ric Royer,  Warren Fry , and Jeff Thompson.

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48 pgs on folded A3. July, A.Da. 90 (2006 Anti-Vulgar)


Synapse 3
—ed. Olchar E. Lindsann

synapse 3  web photo synapse 3 supplement  web photo

Featuring David Beris Edwards, bela b. Grimm, Jessy Kendall, Olchar Lindsann, Jim Leftwich, Warren Fry, John M. Bennett, Thomas L. Taylor, Reed Altemus, Bradley Chriss, Scott MacLeod, Rhiannon Chaloner, Scott Helmes, Eleanor Francis Waterfowl, Solamito Luigino, Emily Panzeri, Hannah Silva, Ines d’Almey, Imogene Engine, dadaDavid Hartke, Blaster Al Ackerman, Illsa Frankenstein, Andrew Topel, Maxwell Perry, Nash Dendinger, Graham Childs, Aaron Andrews, Ashley Reaks, Megan Blafas, Edward Lense, Rebecca Weeks, Bill Clippenger, Jeoff Knos, Chi-Kit Kwong, Stephen Durkin, Tasha Novick, Royce Icon, Joshua Seyfried, Luke Powers, Ed Word, Morris P. Stamford, Jr., Ezra Michael, Baron, Sara Clark, Melissa Foster, Crinnol Hasdan, and J. Kilmer.

Highlights include Professor Aristotle poster insert by Aaron Andrews, Tract by Thomas L. Taylor, The Anatomy of Princess Globule by David Beris Edwards, War Quatrains by Scott MacLeod, diaries by Jeoff Knos, Against Complicity, by O. Lindsann, Almost and Never by Imogene Engine, and Manifesto #1: On the Absorption of the Anti- by Bradley Chriss.

optional sound supplement featuring:
Brute Salon, Olchar Lindsann, David Beris Edwards, Ashley Reaks, Cruiseship Duo, Chris Lennard, and Rhiannon Chaloner.

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52 pgs on folded 11”x17” plus insert poster by A. Andrews. March, A.Da. 91 (2007 Anti-Vulgar)



Synapse 4
—ed. Olchar E. Lindsann

Packed with over 200 contributions from nearly 60 people from the Post-Neo/avant garde/Neoist/Fluxus/VisPo/Eternal Networks.

Featuring Blaster Al Ackerman, Reed Altemus, Archibald, Aaron Andrews, Mr. Hugo Ball-Rat, The Bar-Bar Baron, Cathy Mehrl Bennett, John M. Bennett, Tsubasa Berg, Matt Berning, Megan Blafas, Tomislav V. Butkovic, Tim Campbell, Bradley Chriss, Robert Chrysler, Ralph Eaton, David Beris Edwards, Karen Eliot, Imogene Engine, E.A. Eralande, Kathy Ernst, Illsa Frankenstein, Warren Fry, Peter Ganick, Germseed, Mark Greenwood, bela b Grimm, Haddock, dadaDavid Hartke, Scott Helmes, Aaron Howard, Geof Huth, Oriana James-Joyce Potato Salad, The Oromancer, Jessy Kendall, Jeoff Knos, Jim Leftwich, Angee Lennard, Edward Lense, Olchar E. Lindsann, Scott MacLeod, J.S. Murnet, Shiela E. Murphy, J.D. Nelson, Chadwick Niral-Nelson, Jürgen Olbrich, Amy Oliver, Michael Peters, Lena Samol, Kyle Sanchiz, Mete Sarabi, Hannah Silva, T.P. Slinty, SPART Action, Thomas L. Taylor, Thompson, Andrew Topel, Vector, and Eleanor Francis Waterfowl.

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56 pgs on folded 11”x17”. Dec., A.Da. 93 (2009 Anti-Vulgar)
US 6.00 + 1.50 s/h or trade


Synapse – Slova Special Bilingual Issue
—ed. Gleb Kolomiets & Olchar E. Lindsann
Synapse-Slova Print Edition Front Cover

An unnumbered special joint issue of Synapse and the Russian journal Slova, presenting experimental poems from the collaborators of both journals in parallel translations as well as particularly rich examples of untranslatable visual poetry and asemia best appreciated in the full-colour edition. Published as an online issue in 2015 on Slova’s platform, this print edition was assembled and distributed by Synapse starting 2019.

Featuring: Tom Cassidy/Musicmaster, John M. Bennett, Divid Baptiste Chirot, Carlo Bugli, Billy Bob Beamer, Willy Melnikov, Agam Andreas, Reed Altemus, Ivan Argüelles, Edward Kulemin, Jim Leftwich, Bradley Chriss, Wilheim Katastrof, Judith V., Alan Reed, Gleb Kolomiets, & Olchar E. Lindsann.

64 pgs on 7″ x 8.5″. Spring, A.Da. 99 (2015 Anti-Vulgar)
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Free Online Edition: CLICK HERE!


Synapse 5—ed. Olchar E. Lindsann

The fifth, LONG overdue, and largest volume of the flagship periodical of mOnocle-Lash Anti-Press contains nearly 90 pages jam-packed with the most underground, anti-normative, formally exploratory, epistemologically challenging, anti-institutional, non-commercial literature and art of the (mostly) contemporary (mostly) anglophone avant-garde. Not an inch of page-space is wasted in this chaotic melange of hundreds of pieces of otherstream writing, visual poetry, collage, Post-NeoAbsurdism, Mail Art, Fluxus, Critical Theory, Neoism, Manifestos, translations, Surrealism, performance scores, reviews, Asemia, and documentation, and much more by forty contributors from across the world; with a special section dedicated to the memory of Steve Dalachinsky.

Featuring Steve Dalachinsky (R.I.P.), Imogene Engine, John M. Bennett, C. Mehrl Bennett, Sheila E. Murphy, Scott MacLeod, Max Jacob, Mark Leahy, Pierre Albert-Birot, Tomislav Butkovic, Musicmaster, Wilheim Katastrof, J. D. Nelson, Genesis p-Orridge (R.I.P), Sam Richards, Antonio Bonome, Jennifer Weigel, Haddock, Tom Cassidy, Olchar Lindsann, Jack Wright, Mark Bloch, Ivan Argüelles, Petrus Borel, Jack Foley, Jim Leftwich, William Repass, Michael Dec, Michael Helsem, Mark Young, Lanny Quarles, Javant Biarujia, Brandstifter, Jason Rodgers, AG Davis, Nina Zivancevic, Massimo Medola, & Mike Dickau.


87 pgs on Perfect-Bound 8.5″x11″. March, A.Da. 105 (2021 Anti-Vulgar)
US 11.00 + s/h (usually about $5 within the US, as per printer)

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