Bouzingo Anti-Translations

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Tacky Little Pamphlets, 8-pg, 5.5″ x 4.25″ booklets, made from a single sheet of double-folded & stapled sheet, uncut so that you can have the pleasure of slitting it open yourself, or peering into it slantways. Ask for any combination of four for $1.00, or ask for a surprise.


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4 TLPs for $1.00 (Specify titles in note, or take the luck of the draw.
Mixing & Matching with other TLPs is fine!)


—from the Kohoutenberg Institute for Research and Application

Homophonic, google-skewed, and alinear anti-translations from our colleagues in Kohoutenberg. Retorico Unentesi, Feito Zahlt, Augen Konne, and Poss Facrienci show us what the Bouzingo might be writing if they’d come to age in the early 21st rather than early 19th Century avant-garde. There will eventually be scores of these handy little volumes, which can serve among other things as quasi-previews of the more straightforward translations yet to come from the Bouzingo project.

bouzingo TLP 1-borel coverbouzingo TLP 2-bertrand victor hugo cover  bouzingo TLP 3-borel fire on market cover   

#1: Three Poems by Petrus Borel: Insulation; Dreaming; Song Li. trans. by Retorico Unentesi.

#2: Five Poems by Aloysius Bertrand: A Victor Hugo; To Mr. Charles Nodier; A David, Stationary; Departure For the Sabbath; Another Spring. trans. by Feito Zahlt.

#3: Three Poems by Petrus Borel: In Case of Fire on the Market; Sadness; Sacred Gasoline Humongous as Parthenon. trans. by Augen Konne.

#4: Four Poems by Alysius Bertrand: The Alchemist; Jean of Tilles; The Scholar of Leyden; The Round in the Chamber. trans. by Feito Zahlt.

#5:Five Poems by Alysius Bertrand: Salamander; The Tour of Nestles; The Volatility Gambler; Bibliophile; Moonlight. trans. by Feito Zahlt.

#6: Two Poems by Philothée O’Neddy: Necropolis; Same Trouble. trans. by Poss Facrienci.



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