MAF 2012 TLP Series

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Tacky Little Pamphlets, 8-pg, 5.5″ x 4.25″ booklets, made from a single sheet of double-folded & stapled sheet, uncut so that you can have the pleasure of slitting it open yourself, or peering into it slantways. Ask for any combination of four for $1.00, or ask for a surprise.


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6 TLPs for $1.50 + S/H (Specify titles in note, or take the luck of the draw.
–specify MAF 2012 TLPs)


Marginal Arts Festival 2012 TLPs:

Set of TLPs created by visiting guests of the Marginal Arts Festival to introduce themselves to the Roanoke community.


C. Mehrl Bennett, MSCL. (cover w/Ficus Strengulensis)

*     *     *

John M. Bennett, Fingered Toad.

*   *   *

Tomislav Butkovic (Untitled). w/[PRO]-[ANTI] Press.

*     *     *

Musicmaster (Untitled).

*     *     *

Shelly Smith, Symbols.

*     *     *

Reid Wood, Look Inside.


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