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mOnocle-Lash Anti-Press has published and distributed over 150 Post-NeoAbsurdist and avant-garde journals, chapbooks, pamphlets, (Anti-)Manifestos, albums, films, posters, flyers, anthologies, stickers, add & pass sheets, TLPs, performance scores, paper dolls, and other provocations since A.Da. 89, a.k.a. A.D. 2005. It also manages the re-publication and continued distribution of early Post-Neo material produced under the Appropriated Press imprint, founded by dadaDavid Hartke, Aaron Andrews, and Olchar Lindsann a few months after the genesis of Post-Neo itself.

mOnocle-Lash is administered by Olchar E. Lindsann, and focuses its activity upon and among the international Post-Neo community, visual and marginal writing communities, politicized avant-garde networks and the Eternal Network. It also attempts to explore the connections between the avant-garde and other marginal communities such as Role-Playing, Weird Fiction, Occultism, Noise, Metal, etc.

The mOnocle-Lash Revenant series focuses on translations, histories, commentary, and contemporary writings-through of the 19th and early 20th Century avant-gardes.

The Archive Editions series makes available ‘zines, pamphlets, catalogs, programmes, and collected ephemera from events and projects related to the mOnocle-Lash and Post-Neo communities, intended primarily for participants, archival libraries, and researchers.

Most of the productions in the mOnocle-Lash catalogue can be obtained in trade for other ‘zines, micropress publications, discs, etc. or for the cost of printing and mailing.

Read review of mOnocle-Lash project from Asymmetrial Anti-Media Zine, No. 9, Fall 2019.

Because it is conceived as a function of the communities it serves, the large majority of publications by mOnocle-Lash are solicited, and we very rarely publish books based on blind submissions (in fact, it has not occurred to date). We do welcome new manuscripts from the extended mOnocle-Lash family, including avant-gardists whom we have not published before but who regularly collaborate with those whose work we have published.

The Revenant Series, due to its somewhat different mandate focusing on the 19th Century Avant-Garde, is more open to blind submission of translations and essays addressing that tradition.

Manuscripts received from people who have not participated in the communities that we serve are welcome and will be happily read as time allows, with the view toward establishing a conversation; but publication is likely only after substantial dialogue and interaction in other forms.

Contact at:   monoclelash@gmail.com

The mOnocle-Lash logo is by dadaDavid Hartke.

2 Responses to ABOUT

  1. monty cantsin says:

    this is very well put. i was just talking the other day with admiral rickets and she agreed it’s very difficult talking about matters financial in a way that doesn’t lead to the dismemberment of a paragraph and the reframing of an argument in order to find something disagreeable to rail against. very admirably done good sir.

    • monoclelash says:

      Yes, a large part of the gradual shift in mOnocle-Lash’s emphasis involves issues of re-framing what we publish and re-directing the intellectual trajectory which it is our role to prepare and maintain. Miss Ricketts, of all people (er, sharks) ought to be familiar with this kind of macrorhetorical project.

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